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  1. Myla at | | Reply

    How to get out of the house in a hurry: belt a towel around your waist, put on a beret and go.

    1. clutch at | | Reply


  2. monika at | | Reply

    She needs some serious support up there!

  3. Senorita at | | Reply

    wow. for a 60+ woman with an unconventional sense of dressing (read no sarees, jooda, jewellery), she looks very very good. actually prefer the airport outfit though am not sure what it is!

  4. nimi at | | Reply

    miss godrej needs a bra intervention to pull those babies up. they almost reaching her belly button!

    1. SS at | | Reply

      She needs a bra…

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  6. Arsh at | | Reply

    Not sure about her berets, but the woman needs to invest in better bras. her tatas are all over the place…

  7. Riya at | | Reply

    No, they are uff, so bad…why does she wear them? bald spot issues?

  8. SLC at | | Reply

    Now and then this woman scares me with her fashion sense! But she looks good in both pics.

  9. Sheetala at | | Reply

    I have always found her clothes age inappropriate.

  10. blmr1102 at | | Reply

    No ‘support wear’ upstairs – utterly tacky.

  11. Sonal at | | Reply

    why is she so buttoned up? this is India in November, not Norway

    1. Lola at | | Reply

      You echo my thought…the airport look especially.

  12. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    I like both looks (except for whatever’s under the jacket in Look 2). Support desperately needed, though.

  13. Mads at | | Reply

    Her girlfriends need better support!!

  14. SS at | | Reply

    one word – scary!

  15. nonsequitur at | | Reply

    she’s dressed for a New York autumn, not for a hot tropical city like Mumbai.

  16. Nick at | | Reply

    The blazer pic looks like a scarier version of Victoria Beckham

  17. Nav at | | Reply

    Mutton dressed as lamb!

  18. P at | | Reply

    Haters!! Just cause she’s not in a sari and bun
    I find her look here in the blue outfit very classy!

  19. npm at | | Reply

    Looks a complete loony

    1. E at | | Reply


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