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  1. jenn at | | Reply

    I think Ms. Chopra looks fine!

    1. E at | | Reply

      +1 Absolutely stunning!

  2. tina at | | Reply

    You guys make your dislike of Priyanka so obvious that it’s not even funny anymore. I’m not one to cry bias but come on. The styling could have been better but it’s not as if it’s a huge flop either. She looks fine.

    She has a signature style that she repeats a lot but that’s not a crime. Even Jackie O wore the same type of clothes repeatedly and maintained the same hair style. Everyone doesn’t need to be Sonam!

    1. Agam at | | Reply


    2. jenn at | | Reply

      Could not have agreed more!

      1. POP at | | Reply

        Repeating her style is not the crime; it’s the style that is the crime.

        I think Nina Garcia said it best, “Shiny, tight and short is the quickest way to look cheap!” :P

        Anyway, this look is a major upgrade. She looks pretty good!

        1. M at | | Reply

          i agree its a pretty neat look….. dunno why you guys dislike it ..

        2. NB at | | Reply

          Agree with POP….the styling is jst meh.

    3. MrsR at | | Reply

      Agree but how come Priyanka needs to b given a free pass for repeating her tacky style where as a Vidya Balan or Ash get tagged as auntys and behnjis for repeating their style? Not accusing you but just a general observation that each star has her own style which they refuse to get out of and that’s something we need to remember…

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        Vidya B wears ONLY sarees that too Sabyas with the same sleeves and sloppy drape. At least we have seen PC in long dresses, denims, blazers, lehengas and sarees as well.

      2. Adya at | | Reply

        Priyanka has a signature look, its cool, sexy and polished but it is not high fashion. Vidya has a signature look, which is retro aunty. Ash has no look, and in Abu Sandeep, just gawdy. PC is not tacky at all. This is standard clubwear and looks good. PC does not experiment, unlike Deepika, Kangana and Anushka. THis is a good look, and the shoes provide the right degree of funk and stops it from being too barbie and boring.

  3. Ss at | | Reply

    Hate the shoes, like the clutch. That’s all.

  4. Rish at | | Reply

    She looks super hot! Nothing wrong with the styling! She wears the look well!

    1. tique at | | Reply

      +100 – she looks great!!

    2. Shina at | | Reply

      I totally agree

  5. Kayshika at | | Reply

    I like her shoes. ID please?

  6. SLC at | | Reply

    Boy I am looking hard and I can’t find anything wrong with this look. Actually I think she looks great. It’s a glittery dress so she kept all else simple, which is a smart move. Those shoes are sooo cute.

  7. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I hate that hair, so filmy!!! It ruins it for me, a slick ponytail would have worked better.

  8. Kiwi at | | Reply

    She looks great.. like everything except the clutch

  9. Monika at | | Reply

    I think she looks amazing. The dress is a perfect pick.

    You guys need to stop attacking her.

  10. Hema at | | Reply

    Totally disagree with you. She looks fantastic and she has such a lovely figure. Love the shoes.

  11. anon at | | Reply

    Is it weird that those heels remind of stripper shoes!!!???

    1. Adya at | | Reply

      yes, stripper shoes are higher, have bigger platforms and are way more tacky. These are funky and cute.

  12. Amber at | | Reply

    Not loving the air and not sure about a short ling dress for an awards night but she looks pretty good otherwise

    1. Amber at | | Reply

      Argh autocorrect! I meant hair and short bling dress

  13. Adara at | | Reply

    She looks good. And am bored of seeing the likes of chunky pumps and boring shoes on others. This one is interesting and i think the whole styling even the hair is good. If she had the pin straight, the junta would be crying same ol same ol. Poor PC. Ha!

  14. Hasan at | | Reply

    Your hate for PC is more predictable than her styling.
    She is looking awesome. Only problem is her hair to me but I know she don’t experiment much.
    Please!! Change your mind!!!

  15. jamtin at | | Reply

    u guys need a reality check really. I havent seen a pic of the two of u, im pretty sure for the amount u criticize this poor woman ul dont dress half as well.
    to be honest shez tiny frame wise n her tight n short outfits rarely look provocative.
    so y the constant criticism, r ull lot jealous?

    1. A at | | Reply

      That comment wasn’t required … its their opinion … u don’t have to agree.

  16. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    I think she looks great! The dress is not too short… and I like her shoes. The only think I would change are her earrings, she needed something subtle. But otherwise I think she carries off the dress amazingly well.

  17. liaa at | | Reply

    i think she looks nice and love the shoes

  18. Venus at | | Reply

    other than the hair , i like everything about this look..ur being too picky :P

  19. Pooja at | | Reply

    I think she looks great! Nothing wrong with her look

  20. simi at | | Reply

    I feel like you guys just want to find fault with everyone all the time lol…I love the way she is put together in this one…As a fashion student myself I think she is fine

  21. Dipika at | | Reply

    I think she looks really nice. And I LOVE the shoes. I think PC looks really hot. She’s given us some fab gown looks in all the other awards too.

  22. blmrlt1102 at | | Reply

    Wrong. She looks great.

  23. olive at | | Reply

    I love the shoes but I wish she paired it with something more….I don’t know…interesting. The dress is nice but it’s also kinda boring.

  24. Hasan at | | Reply

    She looks stunning!! Hot and sexy..

  25. nne1030 at | | Reply

    Oh whatever Priyanka is super boring! I say just stop showing her so called “outfits” She does the same old thing every time. Now when I see her I’m think, “who cares?” Lets see some actual style P and P!

  26. ahot at | | Reply

    The clutch is definitely a bit outdated: a Judith Leiber would so have elevate this look!. But the major problem is the hair: it´s just too pageantry. A shame!

    I love PC & i know she is the rugal type, but she needs to invest in highquality accessories (like Sophie Choudhary or Neha Dupia do), because they MAKE any outfit worth so much more.

  27. Lola at | | Reply

    She looks really good.

  28. Uni at | | Reply

    Hemline could have been longer, hair could have been pulled back. She needs to change her hairstylist.

  29. Avantika at | | Reply

    Lux gud ankle up

  30. anurandra at | | Reply

    I agree with the P & P ladies.. ‘Nina Garcia said it best, “Shiny, tight and short is the quickest way to look cheap!”’

    chopra is 30 and wearing those teen popper minis’ make her look tacky. Everything about her look is terrible.

    1. Keya at | | Reply


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