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    Sonalis is hot. Sari is not.

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      so true!

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    Good color but that’s about it. Sonali’s hair, the bump portion looks like a wig, weird.

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    can someone please remove the little adds that have recently started popping up at the bottom of each picture. its really very annoying closing a million adds.

    BTW, luvvvv HHC.GUD JOB GALS.

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    I think another blouse and another updo wouldve really helped.

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    This is the best i have seen her look in ages. This look reminded me of Diya Mirza, no idea why.

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    Don’t like the sari. But she is styled very well. Any idea who is Sonali Bendre’s stylist?

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    why are PnP biased to sonali bendre? i really feel sick of her n her fashion sense ! saree looks borrowed from “Colours Channel” …..hair done by “Rita Beauty parlor” n occasion looks like opening of municipal school …..

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      this reminds me of those ‘bai” type ridiculing comments which PnP do not allow anymore.

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      That’s a bit harsh.

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    She looks stunning! And she makes that gowdy saree look gorgeous… Reminds of her Takkar (1995) days.. It’s like she is becoming that gal all the boys wanted. In a good way of course.

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    Sometimes some people can carry off otherwise-ugly attire with a lot of style. For me, this is one of those moments. Sonali looks great, despite the gaudy saree and the old-school hairdo. But isn’t that what fashion is all about? Like what Sonam Kapoor wears, I really doubt, most of us could carry it off regardless of it being of the best quality and latest design.

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      Couldnt agree with you more. I think she makes the sari look good.

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