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  1. sarah1 at | | Reply

    As you said both are looking good. But i like Nushki so biased towards her :P Anushka looks classy but the look is a bit too mature esp with the updo for a young woman like her… Note to her stylist…For IIFA please give her something fun n that shows off her figure n doesnt hide it.

  2. shwetha at | | Reply

    Didnt like either.
    Unless its St Pats day or your playing Santa’s elf for a costume party, I see no reason why anyone would want to wear the rather ugly and awful colored jumpsuits..

  3. Deepti Parthiv at | | Reply

    While both look gorgeous, I like Anushka more. The earrings, the lip color and her belt which isn’t too distracting. I’m also not a big fan of Tamannah’s (sorry if I misspelled) neckline. And on a side note, sorry P&P if my comments are too lengthy!

    1. Tania at | | Reply

      +1. Love Anushka’s look.

  4. Meg at | | Reply

    Perhaps sabyasachi should just refrain from jumping on the jumpsuit bandwagon
    A jumpsuit if cut right is a gorgeous garment
    But between these and Ash’s one Cannes misstep his jumpsuits are awfully unflattering

    1. shwetha at | | Reply

      +1 cant agree more

  5. kaka at | | Reply

    the green looks nicer on tamanna

  6. Avani at | | Reply

    They both look good. Anushka looks like she having so much fun so maybe I like her look a tad bit more and her jumpsuit looks more like a gown.

  7. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Not liking Tamanna’s makeup one bit! She looks very “off-colour”. Nor am I liking her hair colour and hair style.

    I like it over Anushka. Quite sophisticated it looks on her!

  8. kasthuri at | | Reply

    There seems to be a little extra fabric hanging in Anushka’s version. I think its makes it look different than the average romper. So i like Anushkas look more.
    That aside, i have seen this tiger belt and the Sabya floral print on Aishwarya, Deepika, Bipasha and many others of late. I thought it only ends up being so with high street brands where you end up having the same outfit as friends/colleagues. But these celebs pay a premium for these brands and end up in the same situation as the rest.

  9. Archana at | | Reply

    tammanah with the brown belt tried something different rather than sporting the predictable black one. Green looks better on tammanah. That being said sabyasachi should just stick to his sarees!

    1. Adara at | | Reply


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