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    Pretty, no doubt. But a fishtail braid would have taken it to another level. :)

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    one cuff too many but wow! she’s looking far better than the other appearances you’ve posted. really carries this look off well!

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      Yeah, I agree…one cuff to many… but that seems to be the trend these days…Bipasha did it & even Sameera Reddy in today’s post has 2 cuffs

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    A thing of beauty, is a joy forever! – Keats

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    She looks good. But the look reminds me of something calendar launch last year Neha Dhupia had worn a similar white jumpsuit too…the shoes and the hair was also styled the same way. Only difference was Neha had stacked colored bangles rather than cuffs…

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    Not everyone look good in jumpsuits but she looks fab!

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    wow !! No doubt she is one the most fashionable diva in bollywood

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