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  1. Jane at | | Reply

    Namrata Shirodkar?

  2. javajive at | | Reply

    hmmmm Aparna Sharma?

  3. Kiran at | | Reply

    I agree with Jane…looks like Namrata Shirodkar

  4. Gradwolf at | | Reply

    Resembles Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar? Namrata Shirodkar? Bit of both!

  5. SimplebutStylish at | | Reply

    I think she is Aparna …she used to host a show on beauty and fashion named “khoobsurat” somewhere in 90’s…if I am right :)

  6. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar…I think she is the one in Shiamak Davar’s Jaane Kisne…She is aging well and dresses well too! Please keep the spotlight on her…very interesting shoes choices as well! :)

    1. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

      Rajlaxmi’s facecut is very different, don’t think its her. But I agree abt the shoes:)

      1. Bsimple at | | Reply

        SHe is Arpana…but they could pass off as sisters!

  7. MataHari at | | Reply

    Aparna Sharma…she used to be on television

  8. sara at | | Reply

    Not Namrata..she just had a second baby

  9. Neha at | | Reply

    Her name is Arpana Sharma Morjaria. Formerly Arpana Sharma

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply


  10. Cara at | | Reply

    This is Arpana Sharma (not Aparna).

  11. Neha at | | Reply

    Not namrata or Rajlakshmi for sure..they look soo different..

  12. Sandy at | | Reply

    Aparna Shatma used to be a model and is also the sister of IMG s Anjana Sharma

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