1. She can look so pretty if she dresses up right. She is always seen in the run of the mill outfits. Hate the necklace and hair…Though i loved her in ishaqzaade :)

  2. no grown-up woman should think it’s ok to wear That Expanse of That shade of Blue unless it’s part of a costume for a shot in a film and not just ‘clothes’. definitely not in a salwar suit – if at all carry it off in a skirt. EYE SORE.

    that odd see-through neck with the pearls – give me a break it’s from the 90s & it’s neither sexy nor elegant – it’s tacked on and weird looking. & those tassles at the end of the dupattas need to be boy-cotted…they’re the least interesting accent you could think of next to pom-poms. and someone teach her how to carry a dupatta and not sweep the floor with it!

  3. dis girl seriously needs a fashion adviser and a stylist as well!!
    her looks are always disastrous..from d colours she chooses to the way she wears those horrible peices of cloths!!


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