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  1. shazahn at | | Reply

    love her dressing sense!

  2. bongbabe at | | Reply

    clothes like these make me wish i had money.

  3. raina at | | Reply

    better then her usual mess, except why wear shoes with diamonds in the afternoon??

  4. lara at | | Reply

    looks much better- the dress is more “normal” , a better length for her figure, her legs are covered so she looks slimmer, the accesseries are less- the shoes dont go but better than the horrible boots.
    if she stopped trying to be some couture queen maybe she d look more normal

  5. npm at | | Reply

    wow – two hits in a row after years of disaster. Loving the hair.

  6. Niranjan Arjun Purohit at | | Reply

    Natasha looks super super hot!

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