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    Kim’s is perhaps a variation of the dress–the material seems stretchier, the sleeves are longer, and the hemline is sitting higher even though Kim is shorter than Preity. Much prefer Preity’s choice of footwear as well. Kim’s many chunky bangles don’t really seem to work with those sleeves.

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      Kim’s is tailored to make it shorter and tighter – it’s the same dress she made tackier.

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        While I think the hair was a disaster with that outfit, I agree with Devika below–Kim would have come off looking less “tacky” if she wasn’t as curvy. Considering the occasion, the shorter length is quite understandable.

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        agree with chiaroscuro …fabric also seems diff !!

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          May be Kim bought 3 sizes smaller dress :) hehe.. explains the fit

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    So big chested women cannot wear anything without being called tacky? I honestly feel that Kim looks passable here, its perhaps the face expression (that silly pout) that takes this down. I don’t see how the dress looks tacky. Preity is stick thin so the dress falls on her and Kim’s curves fill it out!

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      I totally agree…so anyone women with curves will look tacky because her curves will fill out the dress?

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      Uma Thurman, Kirsten Dunst..(can’t think of any more women). Both well-endowed women who dress wonderfully well to highlight (NOT HIDE) their figures.
      There’s tailoring to make something fit, and tailoring to make something tight, which is what Kim has done here.

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        If you think Uma Thurman and Kirsten Dunst are well-endowed then what do you think of the likes of Kim Kardashian or over half the average women in India or in the US? Both Uma and Kirsten maybe well-endowed by Hollywood standards but they are nowhere close to an average woman’s size.

        I agree with you that Kim dresses to highlight her curves and often goes too far with it but curvy women usually have a greater problem of being called tacky because we are so used to looking at skinny celebrities with no breasts. In this case Kim should have gone up a couple of sizes but if someone skinny wore a dress this tight we would be talking about her “banging body”.

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          Irrelevant, but Uma is NOT ANGULAR! The fact that you think that shows how she dresses! She is large-chested but doesn’t dress like Kim K/Christina Hendricks and wears clothes her size. It’s worth looking up her pictures (maybe some of her recent pics where she’s wearing fitted clothing).

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            When did I say that Uma is ANGULAR? I have looked up her pictures and she is nowhere near Kim or Christina’s size. A quick google search shows me that Uma Thurman is a 35C bra size while Christina Hendricks is 38DD. I am not sure about Kim. I agree that Uma is bigger that the average in Hollywood which celebrates the size zero figure but she is nowhere near well endowed.

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        Are you serious?? Uma Thurman and Kirsten Dunst are well-endowed? Thurman is quite narrow and angular. Dunst is like a matchstick!

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          I wish I could post a link here! not everyone dresses to let everything hang out.

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      Kim should have opted for a relaxed fit, big chested women look tacky if they wanna show off their big chest.. PZ is def wearing a bigger size, and Kim K is wearing 2 sizes smaller!

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        agree with deewani

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      I completely understand where you’re coming from – a flatter-chested woman can wear a tank top and still look “modest”, while a top-heavy woman would be considered slutty. It’a absolutely ridiculous.

      That being said, I think this instance is more of a fit issue. This particular style of dress is not meant to be worn so tight against the body. It’s pretty obvious that Kim had the dress tailored, to the point where it’s skin tight. More so, her styling of the dress (and that awful hair) really does make the overall look tacky.

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    I don’t understand… Did Kim specifically have the dress altered to fit her that tight?

    Terrible decision, that.

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    I dont think tight dresses amount to being sexy at all ….Kim looks way too tacky and priety way too elegant .

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    It looks like the two dresses are made from different fabrics, so kim’s curves are all in the right places! But I do agree Preity looks better, I think it’s that flattering A-line.

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    Actually, Kim doesn’t look that bad. Her look is just on the (very) sexy side.

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    Its not the dress, its the person who wears it!! Kim is living up to her name and Preity to hers!!

    Wish you gals (P&P) a great and fabulous new year!! Keep rocking.

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    Preity looks great!!! Kim – the dress looks good on her, but her choice of accessories, hair and footwear took away elegance of the dress

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    I think it ‘s a classic case of ‘who do you notice-the girl or the dress?’ in priety’s case,you see an elegant woman wearing a chic dress which draws attention to her face.as for the kardashian, you see an overly clinging white tube being expanded desperately to showcase some curves-ummm,is there a real person under that or a plastic mannequin?

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    eh…dress just hangs on preity…she should have gone for one size smaller…its blah on both…

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    well.. i think kim looks adorable.. she’s prettier :) so no PZ.. onlyy KK :D :D

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    You guys are comparing apples to oranges :)

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      hahaha your comment is super kewl …but i agree on above that kimz dress is of different fabric and made to look skin tight…but guess they both are living up to their name and fame …

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    id never, in a million years, want to look like preity compared to kim. this dress or not. so for me, kim looks amazing. she looks sexy and fun and preity looks old and reserved.

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    Preeti looks gorgeous

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