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While it was a red sheath Gauri and Nainika for Neha, Priyanka went with a purple flared one. Of the two, it was easy to pick Ms. Dhupia. Hated the dress itself on Priyanka and don’t get us started on the hair! Terrible.

Left, Center: Neha Dhupia at Costa Coffee 100th Store Opening
Right: Priyanka Chopra at Digital Direct Broadcasting Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, BollywoodWild


  1. Neha D looks polished as usual. I wish she’d added some color to her lips. Maybe she did and it came off while drinking coffee :P

    Priyanka’s dress isn’t the worst I’ve seen on her but the poodle hair is just killing me!

  2. Why PnP? So blindly in love with Ms Dhupia???!!!! Such a lacklustre look from her..Awful red belt and awkward pleats on the front…love Priyanka in comparison…she’s pulled off girls feminine so well..and such an absolutely purple mees dark Aubergine colour…. Even the hair is not so bad…just frizzy hair blow dried..c’mon!,

  3. I do wish Bollywood would try anything apart from the usual hair-left-open look or the current loose braid look! A soft high pony would have looked great on Neha.
    I don’t like Priyanka’s dress nor styling and I wish she’d explore other designers- perhaps a Tibi or Alexander Wang.

  4. Priyanka’s hair looks like some cheap wig from road side…….the dress too is meh!……. Neha is much better though not at her best.

  5. Bored with priyanka’s outfits. Oh my that hair! Looks like the stylist gave her centershock! (remember that extremely sour bubblegum’s ads?)
    Love the bracelet neha is wearing, but that dress falls flat..doesn’t flatter her bodytype and hate that length.

  6. None would be my pick! Bored of seeing Neha and her sheaths. That length seems awkward on her too. Like the dress on Priyanka. But the hair is such a mess.

  7. Oh man you girls must have some sort of a real issue with Priyanka. She looks beautiful. Most of girls hardly give any variety with their hair; always the straight, blow dried look. Priyanka has finally stopped messing with her hair; gone are her blue steaks , choppy bangs. Her hair has started to look healthy again and the curls are a nice touch.

  8. priyanka’s dress is much better ..common P&P …the dress is cutesy types..ya hair is a downer …but “hate that dress” naaaah !!!! and priyanka’s hair stylist ???whats he doing ?

  9. I dont agree that Priyanka didnt looked good.
    She looks uber cute and kind of a vintage look she is giving..I loved her fluffed hairs..

  10. WHAT!!l Neha’s hair looks oily and flat sticking to her head while Priyanka has this healthy glow about her hair and her complexion.
    Priyanka’s dress isn’t that bad either, a bit too girly while she can easily do an edgy outfit.

    Neha’s dress: Whats up with the hem and as one of the commentators observed, the awkward pleats?

    I have noticed that you guys tend to veer towards a certain theme/style when it comes to judging the looks. I don’t know the name for it. It’s the sort of styles Sameera Reddy is doing these days. You guys either approve of those styles or the cute pretty ones.

    Anyways, its starting to grate when you guys diss a good look. It would be nice if you were more objective when you judge a look.

    Conclusion: While Priyanka’s isn’t 100% she certainly looks yummy while Neha just looks pale and washed off in her shitty red dress and meh makeup.

  11. My normal, unotuched, naturally dried hair looks exactly like that. You say it’s poodly? *sadface*
    Neha’s dress is a bizarre length. Doesn’t suit her in the least.

  12. Neha does look better. But why does one need a starlet to launch EVERYTHING nowadays? Will I need to hire someone like Ms. Dhupia to open my mail soon, I wonder… :P

  13. Priyanka luks abs feminine cute adorable n purpley Neha luks so plain Jane meh… ignored the hair style on both


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