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  1. Neha at | | Reply

    I think this time its Madhuri who steals d show…

  2. samir at | | Reply

    Both are looking great….but kudos to madhuri for giving competition to priyanka

  3. Ahot at | | Reply

    I love it on the cover more, close ups show a rather cheap looking sateen fabric! & Madhuri really needs new hairstyles. It makes everything she wears look so mumsy & dated! Shame, she has a very great figure!

  4. PC at | | Reply

    And thats how it is done.. She looks fab.. i’d say better than Priyanka what with her tacky earrings and drab hair…

  5. Anon at | | Reply

    One word – Amaze-balls!

  6. $ at | | Reply

    Mads wore it better..nice change to see her not doing a saree this time

  7. Devi aka DearFashionista at | | Reply

    AND she’s back!!! Gracious, elegant, stylish & rocking it!!

  8. blahbum at | | Reply

    the red lips look quite bad on pc.. maduri totally pulls it off

  9. s at | | Reply

    Looks awful on PC! Madhuri looks like a diva!!!! Sigh, what styling can do for you.. way to go Tanya.

  10. seenthereseenthat at | | Reply

    Madhuri does look stunning ! priyanka on the other hand except for the cover , makes the gown look tacky.Especially with that orangish hair color.Madhuri rocks it !
    Always liked her more in western wear.

  11. Megha at | | Reply

    holy cow! she looks incredible!
    where was she hiding that body all this time

  12. olive at | | Reply

    Wowzers! She looks great.

  13. aquagreen at | | Reply

    Wowza! Gorgeous! Madhuri looks statuesque! What a beautiful woman!

  14. mo0o0dy at | | Reply

    PRIYANKA Stands out with her Ultra Feminine Oomph..She Looks Perfectly Fabulous.

  15. lovely at | | Reply

    Amazing she looks. Perfect feminine body. Diva like aura. The dress fits her so well.For once I don’t if she seldom changes her hairstyle. More like this from Madhuri plz… !! She is carrying it with so much confidence and that priceless jewelery “her smile” !!! Loved it !!

  16. rhea at | | Reply

    cover pic of pc is fab… n madhuri too looks gud.. bt too long for her

  17. dn at | | Reply

    Madhuri all the way!! She looks gorgeous!!

  18. hasan at | | Reply

    PC looks great.

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