In Dolce & Gabbana


Two different events this week saw Kareena do Dolce & Gabbana. At nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s DVD launch today, she was seen in a black floral frock and earlier in the week at the Philips event in a white lace dress with Blahnik pumps.

I, for one, love the black look. You guys?


Far Left, Left: At Rujuta Diwekar’s DVD Launch
Right, Far Right: At Philips Event

Photo Credit: ProKerala, Twitter


  1. I love both the looks but the black one jst bowled me over. Yesterday when I first saw the white lace dress I thought she looks gorgeous but in the black floral frock she looks awesome.

  2. STUNNING!!!!!!! Especially in the black dress. WOW!!!! I absolutely love it. She looks great in the white outfit as well but when you put both of these pictures together, Kareena in the black outfit WINS! :)

  3. her radiance and the expression on her face make her look so beautiful in the first photo, that anything she wore would have looked good!

  4. in the last pic.. she looks like the bebo from the early 2000s with badly coloured blonde hair.. eeks!! this woman has come a long way

  5. Are you kidding me?? She looks like a Goan “Bai” all set to go to the village fair! (in black)
    In the white dress she looks lovely!

    • well, Goan “Bais” in villages also look good and dress in interesting clothes, if that is what you are coming to say.. this sounds like a “classist” statement

        • That might be true, but using the whole section of Goan bais and urban style over village’s as an example here for less class/style is what bothers me..

    • +1
      Wouldn’t have described it quite that way but she looks like a school teacher. Nothing designer about this black outfit. She cud be dressed for bed.
      Love her in white!

    • agree! had she kept her hair open, she could have added a different vibe to her look, or if the dress had been sleeveless and a boat-neck, might have given a 50’s appeal to the full-skirted busy print dress.

    • I don’t know. I rarely like Kareena’s dress choices. But I like the black printed dress. So now putting together the Goan bai lookbook. Win!

      More seriously its a dress you can find at any vintage reproduction shop specialising in the 50s (yes even with sleeves Ria). Its nice to see it in India as opposed to the boring safe dresses like the white one which seem so popular in the country. Maybe you need to stop being embarrassed by Goa.

  6. She looks amazing in both but the black one is just mind blowing. The hair is simple, the make up is simple. The dress is neither tight nor short or sleeveless or cleavage showing. And she shines. wow.


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