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  1. Sheetal at | | Reply

    It is one ugly outfit!!!

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  2. Cheri at | | Reply

    so Baroque!
    she should have been the one who wrote the book on style among the two sisters

  3. shwetha at | | Reply

    Really?..I thought she looks terribly matronly in a dress that Prince’s Charles mom has lost at the dry cleaners..

    The make up also looks too loud for her petite self.

    1. Y at | | Reply

      Mumsy matronly dress and hair. Any TOO MUCH makeup

    2. Shina at | | Reply

      Lol . I agree.

  4. KJ at | | Reply

    She looks fabulous but I have a problem with the length of the dress. It should’ve been knee length or an inch or so shorter or dress-like and go all the way to the floor. This length ruins it.

    1. Sani at | | Reply

      My thoughts exactly. Awkward length, matronly dress, sleeves that are an inch or two too short (making her hands look awkward and disproportionate).

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  5. Anon at | | Reply

    If that dress were a little longer, she’d look right out of Downton Abbey! Its that old, n I don’t mean vintage, looking.
    Did you guys seriously find no fault in this look?
    The dress is hideous, the hair looks right out of a 1970s Babita movie and her usually flawless make up looks way too done up.
    Karisma is usally so chic – this was a risk that quickly went south…

    1. Summer at | | Reply

      Exactly my thoughts!

  6. adya at | | Reply

    I think I would have hated the dress on anyone else, but she looks great. Actually love her hair and make up, different from her usual look, but very soignee. Exactly how to step it up for a glam avatar, without going OTT. Perfect.

  7. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    The sophistication is in the length of the dress. Midi length is sooo in!! She is a S-T-U-N-N-E-R!!!!

  8. SLC at | | Reply

    The dress is a little busy, but she looks good as usual.

  9. Lola at | | Reply

    She looks good.

  10. venus at | | Reply

    i can find nothing but faults in this look :P

  11. AshA at | | Reply

    Wow, she looks amazing..cant think of anyone else who could carry off this dress so well. Shes the most stylish of the two sisters for sure.

  12. cooltype at | | Reply

    theres something i so dont like about karizzzzma – shes annoying! argh

    i hate her monotonous dressing sense

  13. Preeti at | | Reply

    you should feature the corto moltedo clutch she was carrying with this dress. it was fab!

  14. Supriya at | | Reply

    Although I like her enormously more than her sis, style-wise or otherwise… very often something about her makeup and styling screams loud and 90s… even her minimalistic looks are ruined by heavy makeup…. i so hope she changes that, coz she still looks amazing..!!!

  15. vee at | | Reply

    The shoes are too plain for the outfit. You’d think she was going for a head to toe baroque look. Maybe gold platform heel maryjanes

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