Tee Off


Of late, we’ve noticed that in-character appearances have been ditched for stars sporting tees. Wonder if this a new trend, movie marketing is shifting to?

Do you like this shift or are you indifferent?

Jacqueline, Asin, Shazahn and Zareen at Housefull 2 Various Promotons

Sarah Jane Dias and Neha Sharma at Kya Super Kool Hain Hum Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


    • how is wearing a t-shirt and jeans with heels more of an effort than trying to loom youre movie part? this is wharped.

      also “effort” somehow on this website has started to mean being consumed by such elevated thoughts as, “is my hair perfect for this outfit”. ridiculous. some people think beyond such trivialities you know. yes, even people in the entertainment industry.

  1. NOOOOOO! I love the in-character appearances!!! They provide us with a good laugh! This is boring, uninteresting and unfunny!

  2. should be a mix of both tees & in-character.
    but dint like when vidhya did her incharacter appearances in those cheap sarees & with the pregnant look i felt she went overboard with the ‘in-character’ appearance.

    • what do you mean “cheap”.this a website of fools that think only expensive looking clothes (read designed with a western sensibility/eclectic indian sensibility) are fashionable. expand your minds ladies!

  3. I guess this only applies to movies where the women are nothing more than eye candy; i.e. there is nothing interesting about the character.


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