In Chanel


After seeing Mehr in this Chanel dress, you can’t but not like it on Anu as much. Yes, I know it is not fair to compare a photoshoot with a real life picture but even if I consider Anu on her own, she didn’t do good. The hair was bad and the blush too much. For once, I would really like to see her pay attention to her hair too.


Left: Mehr Jessia in Harper’s Bazaar April 2009
Right: Anu Dewan at HDIL Couture Week Closing Night

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. the dress is not so good, but the flats spoils the look further. btw i see a ring on her right hand…..i bet its a real diamond!i’m turning green already! ;)

  2. It looks better on Mrs. Rampal. Mrs. Dewan possibly could have nailed it with a better hairstyle and a shoe with heels. I love Chanel ballerinas but not with that dress.

  3. mehr looks great in that dress. no matter what anu wears, she always manages to look frumpy. i think it’s just a vibe she sends out.

  4. A lot of the ladies from Bombay seem to wear a black thread around one ankle? Why? It doesn’t even look good! In fact it’s plain ugly!


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