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  1. Anjali at | | Reply

    Abu Jani are so overrated. Their outfits all look the same–too much going on from head to toe, with a cluttered feeling.

  2. Sandy at | | Reply

    Oh man how gorgeous does she look

  3. mo at | | Reply

    she looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!! love the color on her

  4. dreamygirl at | | Reply

    the color is pretty but the material is too heavy and overwhelming, Aish carries it well but on a regular person would look like a bedcover gone amuck!!

  5. Ash at | | Reply

    not trying to be offensive, but I think its better that she chose a busy outfit, as to, something not so busier, as for right now, with a bit voluptuous body, you need something busY, with that work on the suit there, you cant make out the body structure ! I THINK SHE LOOKS AMAZING ! Love the colour ! how can you not like it…

  6. nran at | | Reply

    She needs to stop wearing long bulky outfits. I wish the beautiful lady had adorned a traditional look like one in a kanjiwaram sari or something less Blingy. But oh, how do we tell her to stop wearing Abu-Sandeep. Why do celebrities stop using their imagination? Brand names are overrated (unless of course its a Ritu Kumar;p).

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      +1. (except for the ritu kumar bit).
      This Abu Sandeep is better than the lot she has worn in recent times.

    2. asha at | | Reply

      OOH.. ASH is in a kanjeevaram… now that would be a sight for sore eyes!

    3. priya at | | Reply

      Why is Ritu Kumar an exception? I dont find her’s anything exceptional either!

  7. slc at | | Reply

    Good to see her wear color. But boy the outfit is so boring and ott blingy Abu-Sandeep outfits are also beginning to look the same. Ash it seems to have worn one in every color. Hair needs a change as well.

  8. bunnybunny at | | Reply

    this is still a carpet, but the color is awesome and she looks great in it…

  9. madhu at | | Reply

    ash needs to hire asin/sonam/PC’s stylist.

    1. Sandy at | | Reply

      why would she hire PC or Sonam’s stylist? Then she wouldn’t be being herself.

      1. Srilalitha at | | Reply

        Totally agree on that!! Why should she? I think she looks absolutely beautiful and glorious here

    2. hmm at | | Reply

      oh gawd no.. they need stylists to be in the news for their outfits.. Aishwarya has always dressed what she feels like without caring what the world thinks and i don’t think she should start now..

  10. SS at | | Reply

    Im just glad she chose something with less flare than her usual picks these days. It is slightly structured and very well suited on her.

  11. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Did the Bachchans sign some sort of agreement with Abu-Sandeep?? At least she is not wearing one of their tent creations this time..

  12. swati at | | Reply

    She looks fine but WHERE is a Sabya sari (or any nice sari for that matter) when you need one?

  13. DiptiN at | | Reply

    She looks nice. I like the color. If any one needs a stylist in Bollywood it s Abhishek, ( he actually has a pretty stylish dad at home) what an awful tie, and look at the way it s tied. why would anyone in his age group dress like this.

  14. Aparna at | | Reply

    Color looks great on her. On a diff note, there was Mrs Godrej in the event, do you have a picture of her?

  15. Genie at | | Reply

    lady, for once try the kanjeevaram/silk saree/any traditional saree…they look outstanding…. if ur intention is to hide behind the fabric!!…oh btw good she didnt spot soha’s velvet saree in the below post :-p

  16. Teespeak at | | Reply

    Beautiful & breathtaking!.

  17. Shina at | | Reply

    I like the colour on her and the style of the dress but feel that the print should have been less busy .

  18. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks better than before. But I really think she shud try Sabya sarees.

  19. Preetz at | | Reply

    I think it’s perfect for the occasion.. Caucasians go gaga for heavy work, brightly coloured outfits!

  20. Ethnic at | | Reply


  21. Adara at | | Reply

    She looks very pretty.

  22. Ena at | | Reply

    She looks lovely, regardless of the outfit.
    N to expect that she should/ could/ want to look like the 20-something Asins/ Sonams/ PCs is an unreasonable expectation n entirely uncalled for. Shes ia and looks a fab 39.

  23. Avantika Singh at | | Reply

    I think she’s wearing MAXAZRIA shoes.. i almost bought golden version of those! and yes.. she’s definitely slimmed down and looking great.. must say!

  24. arpitha d at | | Reply

    better than other Abu Sandeep chudidhaars she has worn in the past. like the color, but it is too busy. she looks nice in sim
    ps; her sandals r lasting a long time :-) (seen the same ones in multiple appearances of hers, may be since they dont walk much)

  25. Myka at | | Reply

    Ms Rai Bachchan appears matronly, as always.

  26. Ally at | | Reply

    stunning in AJSK…SHE LOOKS FABULOUS…. :) ppl who dnt understand garments,shld not comment here pls….the more the criticism the better…AJSK IS STUNNING ALWAYS… :)

  27. Lia at | | Reply

    Dear ash, can you please look beyond Abu Sandip? And style your hair, I don’t know how you can be a loreal girl!

    1. A at | | Reply

      her hair is styled. these pics are terrible they don’t show everything properly.

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