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  1. Arati at | | Reply

    Liking her outfit
    but Imran’s looks very ordinary for such an important day of his life. And what is that little velvet like opening near ‘the area’. Weird… oh on second look it is just a patch work.. very unimpressive outfit.

  2. Nisha at | | Reply

    Looking sweet and young

  3. Vanaja at | | Reply

    Both are looking good and elegant. Omg! Kiran’s sari at the wedding is a total disaster

  4. jiji at | | Reply

    Congrats to the lovely couple. Wish them every happiness!

    I wish imran stuck to his look from their engagement, i think he looked spot-on then. This time his eyebrow groomer seems to have over-done it a little and the flat-ironed hair is not doing him any favours.. I don’t really want to comment on Avantika’s outfit because she looks happy and thats all that matters.. each to their own right?

  5. kasthuri at | | Reply

    did she just get even shorter or what ? Hmm, she tied the dupatta the half saree way which i find wierd for a girl getting married (its usually associated with adoloscent girls). Anyways, its a lot better than how she wore the red one.
    I love the mehendi on her hand. Wish could get a close up. Its similar to how konkana had it for her wedding. I prefer this than the elaborate full arm covering styles.

    1. April at | | Reply

      I checked twice to see if it’s a lehenga or half saree.But I guess it worked very well with her busty figure.Good for her.And whoever helped her get dressed, did her a huge favor doing everything just right.

      1. Trips at | | Reply

        Avantika’s dress is just perfect.. she looks really nice… for her frame the drapeis perfect… and this is not the traditional wedding ceremony where she needed to dress in the typical bride way…because then she wouldnt have had never worn the white also….

        1. naiad at | | Reply

          FYI white and cream is a auspicious color for weddings in some communities.

  6. Sej at | | Reply

    I like this a lot more then the other event. I still don’t quite dig how Avantika’s outfit is worn but my God how dashing does Mr. Khan look? And I am not even a huge fan of his.

  7. krk at | | Reply

    awww…totally cute !! I LOOOOOVE her necklace…want it !

  8. sunshine at | | Reply

    lovely couple but i think avantika looked more a bride on her sangeet than she is looking today.

    She could have swapped the lehengas, easily !

  9. Faiza at | | Reply

    Wow congratulation….

    hmmm how sad :(

    but the look happy nd lovely masAllah.

  10. shyba at | | Reply

    God Bless Them…looking gorgeous and Handsome….U missed to mention the ‘wthey’ here ‘Kiran Rao’…what she is wearing…all the other ladies were looking beautiful… I like Reena’s look…

  11. diptiN at | | Reply

    Oh dear God, she looks like those dolls you find in souvenir shops in Jaipur Why would one put an outfit like this on someone so petite? I am happy for them, but Karan and Varun have not done a good job. Imran looks OK, expected much more from him.

    1. ananya_s at | | Reply

      i knoooo..she is looking like a doll!

  12. bongbabe at | | Reply

    congrats to the couple!

    whats with the velvet patch on his jacket? as for her outfit – no. thats the only word for it.

  13. aalia at | | Reply

    i dont know who told KJo he could design clothes and MM should be sacked. this lehngha is something you could find in Anarkali market here..liked the mehndhi one much more

  14. CatGrrl at | | Reply

    I am lovin’ how Avantika is sooo simple! Ha-ha! Imean looks dapper, as always. And Avantika, again, looks glamourous. Not gonna say anything about Avantika’s height which I think is insulting. Since when is Karan Johar a fashion designer.

    *Updated*: I just found out he designed the awesome clothes in the awesome movie: Mohabbatein. I love, love, LOVE Mohabbatein.

  15. suchi at | | Reply

    liking avantikas outfit. imran’s could be better

  16. aliea at | | Reply

    Am i the only one who thinks Imran seems to have too much make up on… his face seems to be hiding behind all that make up..

  17. Ruchii at | | Reply

    The bride and groom look happy and content..bless the couple..!!
    i guess the theme was to go dressy on sangeet and dress up a lil’ simply for the marriage..the only thing that looked somewhat strange is that the bride is wearing white..but if they are happy then cheers to that.!!

  18. dstaar at | | Reply

    I quite like avantikas outfit, though i wish she had shown a little more of the blouse, just to balance the white. Imran looks great:)

  19. D at | | Reply

    how abslutely elegant! I love her outfit! so not ott! like they hv always been! goregous! He wld look good in anything. Anything. sigh.

  20. D at | | Reply

    Absolutely. Def not Abslutely. tht wld go down all wrong. if at all :D

  21. kanika at | | Reply

    I am loving Avantika’s outfit.

    simple, beautiful….

    I am glad she didnt go for the heavily embroidered lenhegas..

    Even for the sangeet she wore a beautiful ‘gota’ work lenhenga.

    Very classy, and demure..

  22. indigirl at | | Reply

    This is one of the times I have liked Avantika’s look. The lehenga is not too great but it makes her look like a doll. Her makeup is very well done but the best thing is the look on her face in all the pics- peaceful, happy and serene . No dress can compete with that look. (Usually she looks a bit awkward or stressed)

    1. April at | | Reply

      indigirl,you are so right.Avantika always looked uncomfortable and a little distracted every time she was photographed with Imran as if she hates being in the public eye.But here she looks so radiantly beautiful,simple by many celeb weddings,but beautiful.And I love the way she chose to wear one grand neck piece and nothing else.

      They both look very happy and content.Wish them all the happiness.

  23. ash at | | Reply

    I like the lehnga and the neckpiece is divine but where are the earrings? Shes a very simple bride thats for sure.

  24. anoushka at | | Reply

    avantika’s outfit is lovely and tastefull and she looks nice. imran is a great looking guy but those wierd velvet patches drawing attention to a certain area look TERRIBLE.

  25. Mitr Friend at | | Reply

    Both are adorable and gorgeous and beautiful/handsome and amazing and…….. OMG!!! Is that a sound of my heart break??

  26. leonine lion at | | Reply

    disliking avantika’s outfit! liking her mehendi

  27. meria at | | Reply

    Congratulations,Imran and Avantika!

  28. chitown-fashionista at | | Reply

    I think she looks fabulous. She looks like a doll and her makeup is spot on. Imran looks great – but he can never look bad. But dont like his outfit and getup, dont think kJo and Varun Bahl did a good job.

  29. Rashmi at | | Reply

    They both look lovely and so together. God Bless them and wish them a very happy married life.. They are both glowing and their dress does not take it away from them but enhances it all..sigh..

  30. leonine lion at | | Reply

    please note the similarity between aishwarya’s apsaara awards anarkali and this lehenge, it’s like manish made both in one sitting

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