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    Very meh look. Personally dislike the color of the dress itself on Ileana, and the sandals’ color as part of the outfit makes it look even more unattractive. And don’t even get me started on the ugly sleeves, neckline and the odd shape of the skirt. Like Ileana, I have a very small (and long) face and pear-shaped body (probably less so), so I can sometimes understand her outfit choices, but here she goes wrong on so many levels.

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    Shes looking so pale here ..

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    Poor pretty girl looks so disproportionate like Big Bird from sesame street.

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    She looks absolutely meh! The shape of the dress doesn’t suit her body, the hair doesn’t suit her face… her face looks so small compared to the rest of the body! How is this nice HHC?

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    The dress is awkward, the makeup and hair is bad – probably her worst look ever.

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    Ileana looks good! In the center pic, it looks as though she’s sporting a pixie cut, and it will suit her if she goes for it!

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