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  1. U at | | Reply

    Eeek! Almost reminds me of the stuff worn in the early 90s. Those creepy frock things..

  2. anonn at | | Reply

    I think she isnt too comfortable showing her legs ..She does want to wear ( and be comfortable in ) dresses but at the same time isnt there yet !!
    When i started wearing dresses and minis , i used to pair them with nude pantyhoses and sometimes ‘if the dress allowed ‘ tights too … But then I grew out of it .. Maybe shes going through the same phase .

  3. anonn at | | Reply

    and yes i forgot to mention !! THAT frock is really totally So early 90s !! reminds me of that young prem kaidi Karishma-ish dresses !! :)
    which brings me to think , Now that Karisma is one of the better dresses celebs we have , how embarrased must she feel watching her old movies ! :)

  4. anonn at | | Reply

    correction to my earlier post !
    … better dressed celebs…..

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    such a pity… she is pretty..

  6. annapurna at | | Reply

    hi P & P !
    I am new here and just registered on this site… wanna know how does this ‘ your turn on the soapbox’ works . I mean how can i take part in it and works .

  7. Anjali at | | Reply

    Oh God !
    My eyes ! My eyes !

    Some people never learn………

  8. Priit at | | Reply

    Shreya is a young girl..she is still figuring out her style quotient…she is from my home town…and because of that I know that she would never even think of wearing anything short in a huge public gathering….with time she will find her taste and style.

  9. payal at | | Reply

    Have a look at the different posts in the different categories. and if you spot something somewhere that may belong to one of these, send in an email with pictures and we will feature it.. It can be a bag spotting, two different ppl wearing the same stuff..or you recognize an outfit on someone to be a particular label..

  10. Soumya at | | Reply

    She looks a bit like Jiah Khan (of ‘Nishabd’ fame), however Jiah is not likely to dress so conservatively hahaha

  11. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    Yucky ensemble. But then, she has such a beautiful voice and angelic personality – I would even forgive her for turning up wearing a sack :) Keep rocking Shreya

  12. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Hmm..if she is conservative…why not dress in a Saree or the new Anarkali style salwar suits…rather than allow ppl to murder ur somewhat remaining fashion sense?

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    very very true Bsimple…and I don’t think being young is an excuse to dress badly
    I’m younger than her and I would rather shoot myself in the foot than go out wearing THAT (more or less)

  14. Priit at | | Reply

    I guess its about setting priorities …some people consider looking good as their top most priority while others might differ…and may be she does not have anyone close enough to tell her that she can do better.

  15. jen at | | Reply

    i give her full points for rocking those shoes…..if she hz da attitude to carry such footwear wid elaan thn in smtym she will comeup with better styling too….mayb she doesn’t wanna get cot in Indian wear and she is still fairing bettr thn Ms.Balan or Ms.Kulkarni so i will simply give her some more time….
    @Priit…..i truly get wht u r trying to say n em sure soon enuf she will give othr glam dolls a run for thr money

  16. Priti at | | Reply

    Well Jen she definitely is rocking those shoes…
    and I am the first one to misspell my own name…:)

  17. jen at | | Reply


    sorry for the typo….dat’s wht i was wondering abt tht hw to pronounce priit haha!:):)…..nyways keep rocking!

  18. Belle at | | Reply

    actually i agree, she may just not be comfortable in exposing her legs…but she still probably wants to don a dress. so she chooses the leggings option.

    even though that dress is below the knees…LoL…or maybe she was just cold? Like it had been decided that she will wear this dress and then just at the last minute, she felt cold?

    OR she has some scarring on her legs?

    true…she should have chosen a better dress to wear with leggings…hmmm…that other dress that Priyanka wore (purple one)…but the grey one on the catwalk (grey/black short) worked with leggings!

  19. Jaishree at | | Reply

    OMG, that dress should be burnt-hate the ugly black bow, the cut, the fit-cant think of anything nice in this outfit.WiSH she had stuck to a salwar kameez/saree/long fitted gown if she didnt want to show her legs.

  20. rohan at | | Reply

    Hi..Shreya surely carries of well..whatever she wears. Maybe she is experimenting abit with respect to what suits her. With a awesome voice, a sexy figure, attractive personality; it wont be long before she gives the bolly-gals a run for their money!!

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