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  1. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    Dislike both the looks. But the first one is marginally better. In the second look, it looks like the gown is strangling her.

  2. Arti at | | Reply

    Breathe Huma, breathe!!

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  3. D at | | Reply

    Huma looks terrible in the dress. I am sorry but you ladies seem to be biased here. This is totally not the right fit or style for a wide boned voluptuous woman! An attempt to be adventurous – massive fail.

  4. Sara at | | Reply

    The black dress is a disaster
    The make up is soooooo dull trying so hard on contouring with the cheek bones

  5. donkey at | | Reply

    Now, there are Giraffes who have really long necks and Huma who thanks to her dress, has none.

  6. Meera at | | Reply

    She looks hideous

  7. Sylviana at | | Reply

    She looks great in the first look. But in the second one, she seems constipated and choked all at the same time !

    1. Paroma at | | Reply

      +1 lol

  8. olala at | | Reply

    The gown makes her look like someone photoshopped out her neck.

  9. Himani at | | Reply

    First luk is fine bt in second case, she is holding her breath to appear slim..hilarious! Evn makeup seems off!

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Hahaha. Exactly! These ladies always hold their breath to appear slim and also tend to wear two sizes too small.

  10. Asha at | | Reply

    The first look would have been really nice if not for the unnecessary embellishment on the blouse. The gown on the other hand looks ridiculous. Her shoulders can easily double up as a side-table.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Side table… Bahahahahaha!

  11. Avani at | | Reply

    She is back into stuffing herself into clothes.. From the earrings to the gown to her holding-on-to-breath poses are mighty idiotic . Cant stop laughing. Another one in desperate need of a mirror.

  12. BlueBells at | | Reply

    She looks nice in Look 1. Love the saree, the hairstyle and the makeup on her. Look 2 is another story altogether. Wouldn’t have been as bad without the strangulating shoulder portion. It really looks like the gown is slowly killing her.

  13. Hansini at | | Reply

    She looks explosive in the second look, like literally ready to explode out of the dress. Why must stylists do this to their clients, I don’t know.

  14. Liaa at | | Reply

    The black dress actually looks scary
    Horrid makeup probably due to lack of oxygen in stuffing herself into that dress. It’s not dramatic it’s a huge disaster .

  15. Plumsarepurple at | | Reply

    She looks really encumbered in the second look, the look is devoid of any ease or grace for that matter. It almost feels like that gown was laid out for her by her stylists and like some ordinary model who has no say-she wore it!!

    The sari, though elegant and flattering, does age her a bit. It’s too mature for her; i feel like i am looking at a woman in her mid 30s and not late 20s.

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    1. Fergie at | | Reply

      You are being too generous. These looks deserve negative marks.

      1. Bella at | | Reply

        Lol I know. :D

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  17. slc at | | Reply

    The gown looks as if suffocating her…poor thing. The saree look, is actually quite nice.

  18. SP at | | Reply

    Please go back to praising Sonam!

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