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  1. slc at | | Reply

    The pumps are cute actually. They don’t look all that glittery and looks good with the dress. Huma looks lovely.

  2. $ at | | Reply

    Definatley one of her better looks…

  3. Robert at | | Reply

    Clealry she is not a risk taker and she’s hell bent on sticking to the same cut and style. She doesn’t look all that bad but it’s becoming too predictable and I’m getting more and more bored. Yawn……. zzz…zz

  4. sree at | | Reply

    She looks quite lovely really. Not the most exciting or innovative look but very presentable. Pure gold heels like the ones Deepika always wears would’ve gone perfect with this dress.

  5. Neharika at | | Reply

    The back that the bronze/gold on the dress doesnt match the color of the shoes bothers me…no clue why…I like it otherwise

  6. monika at | | Reply

    Shoes are a bad choice but she looks so pretty!

  7. A_J at | | Reply

    Why are celebrities wearing Koovs? Nobody should we wearing koovs. Their quality sucks and their sizes are ALWAYS WRONG.

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