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    She looks lovely…color of the dress works very well on her.

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    Colour is nice and so is the hat. I think that is Spanx line you can see on bottom half of the dress which is why the lines can be seen.

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    Cute as heck and very sexy. Too bad it got taken down a couple of notches by the VPL and ugly shoes.

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    it looks like she is wrapped in a bath towel. She looks quite uncomfortable also

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    She seems uncomfortable. Crossed leg pee holding pose and also the hand over the tummy. lol. These women have no confidence in their bodies and it translates so bad in their stance/pose. Even adding spanx does not help. Tch tch.

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      So you indirectly want to say that they are fat and even spanx doesn’t help them. There was a time Avani when I really used to look forward to your opinion but a lot of times I do feel that you have a stereotypical idea of beauty. The other day while going through archives, I read how you praised black going with a fair skin complexion of a western actress. (FYI, the beauty of black lies in the fact that it goes with almost ALL skin tones). Then I consistently see your implicit body shaming comments on vidya in sari. Also I see your unpleasant comments on “Humas & Parineetis” (that is how you tag the plump women of our industry). Personal preferences aside, I only see you gushing over looks by Sridevi, (tall & lean can rock almost anything), alia (may sound rude but again she is fair and again petite), shilpa shetty (helluva hot and glamorous), amongst many others which just makes me think that it only make your choices very stereotypical but also very predictable!

      Never once have I seen you praising anyone who has an imperfect body! Not always, but I also see you biased towards fair skinned people at times. Hope you take my observation as just an observation by a reader of this blog and don’t take it as criticism.

      P.S. Huma looks lovely. She has very ‘nawaabi’ looks. Last pic, her face *_* <3

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        LOL! Wow so many follow my comments. Thanks. Just like your dislike for Alia Bhatt, I have my utter dislike for any unkempt shabbily dressed people and yes Ms Balan tops the chart in it (And hell almost everyone agrees that she is always shabby even if she has a stylist and wears “designer”). I love Neha, Sophie’s sophisticated styles and who are never the skinny people and probably will never be. Parineeti, if she was so confident on how she was she probably wouldn’t have gone the whole nine yards to become “fit”. She & Huma do not have a clue on how to dress per body type, imo. Then there is also Kajol who has done “transformation”, lol, how shameful to think only white skin is good. And not to forget wearing clothes too small with the ugliest sandals. I like Nandita & Konkana and yes as long as you embrace and are comfortable with your body type & skin color, the charm with emit in your face. Unfortunately for all these ladies who try hard with finishing up lighter foundation, it only seems foolish. Sridevi ji is a Legend who has done some 500+ movies in some 7 languages across several decades. Even in the worst 80’s fashion, she used to still rock the looks even though I was born much after her era of ruling South & Bollywood. So age or size has never mattered. What matters to me is how well put together one is. HHC is not here to see who is good in acting chops or not. Anyway, as the old saying goes different folks, different strokes. I don’t go about crusading for anyone. You seem to have too much time in hand, that’s nice. You can continue your observation and I will continue to leave my comments as fit appropriate for my liking.
        PS : Huma looks funny and frumpy in that dress. No to mention mighty uncomfortable.

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          And P&P, some people have SO much time to find all my comments. It is real creepy actually. lol. If my comment is moderated then you probably have to moderate hers too. TIA.

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            I didn’t even bother reading your whole essay except for first 3 lines. All I know is, if you think your comments are being read then my comments are being read too, precisely that explains your reply to my comment after so many days.
            And nothing creepy about it. It’s a blog. Meant for commenting any which way and for reading what others have written. I haven’t even written anything “offensive” still want my comments to be moderated! LOL so typical of you. Can’t stand an observation.

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    So cute!

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    She looks sexy…the color is adorable

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    Lovely as always neck up.. She seems mighty uncomfortable in the dress.. Appears to be pressing her arms against her sides..as if to prevent the dress from slipping ?

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    Doesn’t suit her and she knows it; it shows in her posture.

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      Lol, I say the same thing and I get one lecture. You get away with a lot Asha. :P JP.

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    Lovely color on her, hair works well too.

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    Shld have worn spanx that ends at the thighs to avoid the vpl that is basically ruining the show here. Too bad coz she looks pretty and the fascinator looks good too.

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    This is such a pretty look but I don’t get why is Huma looking so uncomfortable..Loosen up girl, you’re looking smashing!

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