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  1. Zeen at | | Reply

    I love the white outfit!

  2. stylebhelpuri at | | Reply

    She looks really pretty in both the looks!

  3. aj at | | Reply

    Loving the shruti seth outfit! Especially the colours , also she wears the look well!!

  4. Rehaan at | | Reply

    Sometimes it isn’t how much skin you show or how flashy your clothes are. I really how beautiful, regal n simple she looks. The colours n embroidery are so pretty.

  5. Monika at | | Reply

    Rimple & Harpreet Narula look is beautiful. Why has she wrapped the chunni like a shawl in the Shruti Sheth look?

  6. shobha at | | Reply

    I like the white dress (or anarkhali?). The shawl in pink looks sorta dowdy, though the hair looks great.

  7. Soni at | | Reply

    Love both the look
    So simple and elegant !

  8. Naaya at | | Reply

    How beautiful is her face?!

  9. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks good in these looks. She was trying too hard with skin show in two sizes too small. Now next step is to stop that silly pouts. :P

  10. Violet at | | Reply

    Gorgeous in both..especially the white one. She looks divine in that. She has one of the most beautiful faces in Bollywood.

    1. amu at | | Reply

      + 1

  11. megz at | | Reply

    Can’t resist commenting..but what a lovely face!

  12. sky at | | Reply

    really like the second look.Goes well with the ambience

  13. Surabhi at | | Reply

    So elegant!!! <3 both

  14. Farah Khan at | | Reply

    OMG she look amazing beautiful in both the looks but i think my favourite favourite is the grey one :D

  15. trupsster at | | Reply

    Wow! Both outfits are gorgeous, and Huma looks lovely in both!

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