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      +1 ..

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    She looks nice and I agree red’s her colour! I dislike her choice of jewelry, especially that cuff. The designer of this dress was probably inspired by the sabhya red lehenga/saree in the same colour with similar embroidery worn by several celebs.

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    How do designers even make such blatant fakes and put their name on it?

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    Hope she could breathe in that. Her chest has flattened out because of the tight fit.

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    Yep, change of shoes would have made this look a whole lot better. But Huma looks so pretty.

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    This is so much like the sabya outfit that has been previously spotted on aish n shahana.sucha blatant copy!

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    hey p&p why do you guys like this woman so much to compliment this ugly lace kurta…

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