It’s Giveaway Time


Update: Congratulations Gayathri, Shweta, Thana, Alekhya, Shreya, Richa and Shanu! Look out for an email from us.


Thanks to the good folks over at Holii, we have seven goodies up on offer for seven lucky readers of ours. That’s right, one of the seven featured below could be yours!

And the way you can win one from the seven pieces featured below is:

1. Like Holii on Facebook here and/or follow them on Twitter here.

2. Go here and tell us which Holii bag do you like most and why! (Just the name of the bag will do, please don’t post a link to it.)

Once you’ve liked the page and/or followed them on Twitter, leave a ‘Done’ along with the answer to the second question in the comment section below.

That’s it. And seven among you could walk away with one of the pieces featured below!

hhc and holii bags giveaway-1

L To R: Classic 02, Classic 07 And Meluha Totes

hhc and holii bags giveaway-2

Ginger Crossbody, Flamingo Clutch, Rosemary Wallet And Sati Credit Card Holder

– Contest closes on 30th May ’14. And all comments will be approved only then.
– One comment per person only please. Multiple entries will be marked for spam.
– Seven winners will be picked by a random draw from pool of qualified entries.
– Giveaway is open only to residents of India.

Good luck! And to check out more from Holii, head on here.

holii hhc giveaway


  1. I like the sati 02 bag from Holii. Its Chic, stylish, Multi utility. Classy to carry and can go along with any dress. Flaunt Holii collection this year.


  2. Done. I like all of them but Meluha tote is the one which i ll pick because it will go well with most of my sarees and will look chic with western dresses also :D

  3. Done!

    I loved Shiva 02 Shoulder Bag. The color combination is one of my favorites plus the dimensions of the bag is just right for my use. Looks wise, it gives the rare appeal of traditional, chic and modern. Love.

  4. Done. I like classic 07 as it is a good blend of western and Indian look and can easily be used for office or day long use.


  5. Done

    Bikaner Tall Fish Hobo – Because it is unusual and so classy, and can seamlessly go with both Western and Indianwear.

  6. I love the “Naga 02 Shoulder Bag”. It is a real piece of art! The contrast colour combination, the simple yet chic pattern, overwhelming tassel! whats not to love?? The word “Holi” so much brings a connection to India and the art of India reflects well in this bag! A bag that can stand for India globally, I must say. These sorts of bags are so much in…. And a woman can carry it at any age…whatever be the profession…. Whether I win or not, I am surely buying this one :)

  7. Done!
    I like the Holii Classic 07 Grab-cum-Crossbody the most. Totally my kinda bag. Why because being a corporate professional, I am always on the run with work commitments and travels & my lifestyle demands a bag which can house my small world of a tab, wallet, diary, book, scarf and personal essentials. And due to that, I always end up buying boring totes n office bags. But this Holii bag is a perfect blend of ethnic sensibilities (my personal style) & office ethics, if I have to put it that way. Also since I carry a Holii wallet, this would be a new addition to my Holii family. :)

  8. Thanks HHC n Holii for this awsome giveaway!! <3

    1. Followed n liked.Twitter Handle:@sk9166
    2.I liked sooo may of Holii bags…but the best I liked was Classic 07! That eye-catching combination of strong brown and emerald green…its just so lovely n classy!

    Holii's collections is a perfect companion to the urban Indian woman:sharp,classy and reassuringly Indian!
    Contemporary n still Indian-check!
    Rustic -Check!

    Need I say more:)

    I loved the collection,loved the Indian flair and flavor.
    Thumbs up all the way!

  9. 1. Followed on Twitter.
    2. My fav bag will be ‘Shiva 04 Crossbody Red’ . It has the perfect combination of aesthetic and modern! The sling bag is definitely on my lust list. I had wanted to own a bag from Holii from a long time :)))))

    Rashmi Nayak, Mumbai

  10. Classic 07 Grab-cum-Crossbody
    This bag is both formal n causal.. The Cross body make it super comfortable n adding to it’s multiple uses.. the color is sophisticated n chic.. giving it the little Indian touch which I love.. Havening beening a loyalist I know that holi has amazing quality :)
    Looking forward to adding this beauty to my holi collection

  11. Done! The Meluha tote is my choice. I love that it has classic, structured lines but splashes of boho chic from the beautiful patterns…the best of both worlds!

  12. I like the flamingo clutch because it matches my dress which i will be wearing for my brothers wedding on june 5 th 2014. Also its beautiful .


  13. Done.

    I love the Peshwa 02 Tote because I’ll be joining my first job next month and the bag would look absolutely great with Indian work-wear.

  14. I likes harappa 02 the most the reason being is looks very elegant and the color would match all types of outfits. Considering that i am a working woman, this would suit my personality the most, Done!

  15. Classic 07 is my favourate. Its simple uet chick. Will not only go with office wear bit also with casusal or ethnic wear. Love it

  16. That is really hard to chose. They have so much good stuff. I like the classic tote and the devagiri brown clutch.

  17. Liked the facebook page of Holii and followed it on twitter as well.I like the Chola 01 Red Bag the most of all the bags. Its perfect to go with any outfit looking elegant and stylish at the same time. Its simple yet will stand out in all its contemporaries. I like its shape the most, so that when I hold it in my arms, I will look like ready-to-move-on-red-carpet! Done!

  18. Done for facebook & twitter
    I love Classic 07 Grab-cum-Crossbody. I love it because of the subtle combination of paisley and edgy croco leathers & also because it’s the perfect size for travel & office.

  19. I Loved the Sati 01 Satchel Bag the Most, as the colors are very Vibrant (the way I love them to be) and trendy. It will go very well with both my Indian and Western wear. As the description says large lock holds your attention and you can flaunt the brand logo as well ;).


  20. Done. I love love love the Shiva04 Crossbody Red Bag. I love crossbodies– they have an inherently slimming effect on me. Also I’m a little absent minded and can leave a bag in a restaurant and walk right off, so the cross body lets me wear my bag at all times without cramping my style. And the Shiva crossbody is a cheery red green blue (all the great primaries) and a superb fusion between desi chic and western sophisticated. It has the desi motifs and colours in a very western crossbody design.

  21. Done..classic07….d bag is soo classy n chic ….n very versatile…vll suit western as well as traditional outfits..luv it

  22. Harappa 02 brown
    The above mentioned bag is what i like of the lot the most, as love the leather and can be teamed up with a formal attire for office as well as a casual fusion outfit :)
    I own a holi clutch and i can vouch on the quality. Love most of them :)

  23. I am simply in love with the Meluha Totes by Holi which is also featured on High Heels Confidential. I like it because it is the perfect bag for everything an office going girl like me needs and especially if you need to keep everything under the sun like makeup, camera, sunscreen, lunch, water and what not. The bright colours blend perfectly well with the summer and I truly believe it is a very attractively made tote bag. Perfect for me! Love Holi! Cheers!

  24. Done.
    I like the Hema 02 Blue.
    Since my injury in both the shoulders ,I can only use small crossbody bags as it does not get lots of pressure unlike other bags.
    This particular one is stylish ,understated ( like me ) and symmetric .I have a big issue, I can only buy things which are perfectly symmetric and I like the solid form of Holi bags, I mean you do not have to stuff them unnecessary to give some shape ; p.

  25. Done !
    I Love the Meluha Bag.
    You ask why..? Its because …. it is totally Me ! I love Vibrant colours because it spreads cheer & happiness…& Holii the brand is all about colours. This particular bag screams of colour….& that’s why i love it. A dull day can be bought to life … by colours..& that’s what this bag does :)

  26. I love the ‘Sati 01 Satchel’. It is elegant and understated in design, making easy to match it with any outfit. As someone who likes to keep her life organised, I like that the bag has ample space and neat compartments while also looking quite sturdy.

  27. Shiva 04 Crossbody Red

    Done. Standing out is easy. Flashy colours and gleaming accessories can do the trcik. But for a bag to make a statement it should be the perfect blend of class and contemporary. I think the Shiva 04 can be worn on a Sunday Brunch, to a movie, to office.. With a dress, jeans, kurtas or a formal pants. And I absolutely loved it.

  28. Done!!!!
    Chola 01 Green- One. I love green and this bag is just perfect for me to carry my files, books etc. to college. It would go with both desi as well as western clothes that i have in my wardrobe. So………

  29. Love the Sati 01 Satchel its vibrant, kitschy yet classic and thats a combination which is pretty tough to achieve! done

  30. Done
    i loved the “meluha tote”….!!
    its such a beautiful tote, the vibrant colours, the pattern just makes it the perfect one…
    loved it so much…!!

  31. I like “Kakatiya 02 Rose”the most. The riot of colours is so quintessentially Indian. At the same time, am excited by the wonderful pairing possibilites – with a solid colour western dress or with a crisp white shirt and denim! The best kind of fusion, in my opinion.

  32. Missed to put a “Done” for FB like and Twitter follow.
    I like “Kakatiya 02 Rose”the most. The riot of colours is so quintessentially Indian. At the same time, am excited by the wonderful pairing possibilites – with a solid colour western dress or with a crisp white shirt and denim! The best kind of fusion, in my opinion.

  33. Hi,

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I like Ginger crossbody the most for following reasons:

    1. This is summer season and hence skirts are in. Crossbody bags are a must have!
    2. I have been looking for cross body bags with thin straps so as to make my top front look slimmer. This bag has that – thing straps!
    3. Finally, the color combo is a classic pair so it’d mostly go with all colors.

  34. done
    i loved the meluha tote bag…!!
    its such a beautiful tote to carry around, goes with the indian as well as the western look. the pattern and the colour pallete just adds even more to its beauty…!
    loved it:-)

  35. I like the Classic 07 Grab cum Crossbody bag as it is big, spacious and perfect for office. I love its paisleys and croc leather combination.


  36. DONE
    My favorite holii bag is the Cayenne 02 White, as its a complete classic, and goes with everything.

  37. Classic 07 – Done!

    I like the Classic 07 because I am just about to start a new job in a couple of weeks and this bag will be perfect for my new role. It’s a big career change for me as I am moving from the corporate to the social sector and I have been looking for something nice to buy for my first day at work! It will be fabulous to get this bag and start my new job in the social sector ! Fingers crossed till then! :)

  38. “Done”!
    Classic 07– for its size and colors. Vibrant and will hold a lot of things- my perfect everyday purse! –

  39. I loved Sindhu 02 Crossbody Multi Color bag because of the eclectic choice of colors, loved the tote!! Done

  40. I love love love the sati 01 satchel. it’s a lot of colors which is usually not a good thing for a bag, but these are all basic colors and I can see this bag going with a lot of my outfits! also I love that you can carry it two ways!

  41. Hi there!!

    I love the “Classic 07 Grab-cum-Crossbody” among the Holi bags collection. It is multipurpose, has a modern clean design with an Indian aesthetic, which for me a perfect combo! :)


  42. DONE
    Peshwa 02 tote is my favourite…the embossed leather makes it on par with all the leading branded totes but the brocade border gives it the rich Indian touch that makes this a very hatke!!
    In case I win ..pls pls pls gimme the classic 07 bag :)

  43. Done. Baga 03 red is my favorite. The colour combination is fantastic and perfectly compliment Indian and western wear. Definitely on my buy list….gorgeous!

  44. I liked the shoulder bag “SINDHU 01 MULTI” because of its the colour pallate and also the pockets which are there on either side of the bag.The pockets are handy place for easy pick up of items like cellphone etc.

  45. 1. Done

    2. I like the ” Bhavika 01 Crossbody Multi”

    I think the concept of bringing together Jute and leather is pretty cool and this makes it look very new , different and fresh . Also the pink color is any girls’ favorite color.
    I love it. It will grab a hell lot of eyeballs in my office !! :P

  46. 1) done
    2)I like Meluha Tote as it resembles my personality and style- “chic-ethnic”, being raw & traditional along with being modern & elegant.

  47. Liked on FB.
    I love the Anjuna 01 bag. The shape, pattern and the colours are quite beautiful, and the clasp of the bag is really unique.

  48. Done all steps.
    I Liked Jhelum 01 Shoulder Bag becuase it’s very attractive and has rich colour.
    Would love to win this bag for my sister.
    Great Giveaway. Fingers crossed :)

  49. 1.Done.
    2.I like the Cayenne White cross body bag the most because of it’s croc design and paisley print and the serene white colour and the comfort, the style of the bag offers.

  50. done!!!!
    Love the flamingo clutch . Great colour combination. Earthy tones makes it perfect for both day and night functions and makes it suitable for party and office purpose.
    Just the clutch and you are good to go.

  51. Done.

    I love the Sati 01 Satchel from Holii… it’s stylish and chic and and would make an awesome birthday gift for self!!! ;)

  52. Love the Hema 01 Blue clutch. It ethnic, has vibrant colours and apt for the younger generation. The royal blue surely brings out the colour of youth.

  53. I like Anjuna 01 Crossbody bag the most because I will be able to carry it to work quiet often because of its color and big size at the same time its pretty stylish too. Done.

  54. 1. Done
    2. Classic 07 Grab-cum-Crossbody
    The bag a woman carries is her companion in her everyday life. I like my bag to be an introduction to me; stylish, accommodating and simple yet classy. The bag that i mentioned fits the bill entirely and hence becomes my choice.

  55. Part 1 – Done! ;-)

    Part 2- It was quite a hard task to pick one, but at the end, I go with Harappa 02 Brown, which goes to show how much Holii has managed to unearth creativity-wise. Not only does it score big on utility, which is tough considering the high emphasis placed on the aesthetics, I also love the fact that it stays true to its name – very folk-chic, and goes with many outfits in various situations. I love the bow-touch as well. :-)

  56. Classic 07 Grab cum crossby is my most favourite! It is classic thus it defines my style yet there is an edge to me, i am not just a classic beauty but one with a difference, one with two tones, So this is the bag designed JUST FOR ME!
    Done( Facebook and Twitter)

  57. Done!

    My eyes keep going back to the Jhelum 01 Shoulder Bag and it’s easy to see why… forget the practicality of the piece or its ease of use… have you seen that gorgeous colour? How on earth can a woman look elsewhere?

  58. 1) Done
    2) I like classic 02 the most as I believe it’s perfect for my personality. It looks very classy, chic and Indian yet contemporary, and would look great with my every day outfits of kurtas. The black motifs on the bag would complement Indian wear perfectly.

  59. I like the Flamingo Clutch the most, as it’s very colourful and quirky and would look great with all kinds of outfits, be it a kalidhar kurta, a plain tunic, jeans and tee or even a maxi dress! It’s a very fun AND versatile bag! :)


  60. I love the Classic 07 bag from holii…. it’s a tote, voluminous, and the combination of croc leather with print add a very feminine, trendy yet classic touch to d bag. (DONE).

  61. Done!

    I like the Chola 01 Green bag. I love the satchel like shape of it and how it would make a change from all the totes I always end up buying for myself

  62. I like Kali03 Shoulder bag….because the bag looks classy and also has the ethnic touch in that so this will go with almost all the dresses
    Also the tassel gives a good sophisticated look .
    This bag have the price tag that go along with all that exclusivity.

  63. Done!!
    i love the Meluha Totes,they are simply gorgeous and colourful, yet ethnic. If bags could define personalities,the meluha tote would be me! :)

  64. Done. I like the Sati 01 Satchel because, my grandmother who was my earliest fashion icon used to own one like that, and after she passed my aunt uses that bag. I was hoping to find a replica and this is very close.

  65. Hi

    I love the Kali 03 Red bag. It’s got these chain detailing and tassles that are just absolutely stunning and the color is one that is perfect for anything summer. Also, it would go superbly well with all my indian as well as western clothes. I could wear it with an all white outfit so that the bag really stands out! Love it!



  66. Done !

    Love the Meluah Tote… its classic at the same time funky and very contemporary. can be carried with all outfits and would look totally smashing!

    Shalini – Delhi

  67. Done. And I just loved Classic 07, it is a gorgeous piece. It is roomy, the colour combination is great and it looks perfect handbag for daily purpose. Would love to carry this to work, it will certainly add oomph to the otherwise clean office look…

  68. Done!
    I love Classic 07 as it is stylish and at the same time elegant. It will make me stand out in a crowd.

  69. Tughlaq 01Crossbody because, it is me, super trendy but still in sync with tradition. Very vibrant but doesn’t make a loud statement and none can miss it. Ethnic chick it is I must say…

  70. Done.
    I like the Holi Peshwa 02 Tote bag. This bag speaks to the child in me, the child who loved watching her Mom get ready for work. The child who wanted to neatly drape a crisp saree and put all her things in a stylish bag like this one, exactly the way her Mom would do every morning. Every girl’s first style icon is Mommy dearest and although I don’t have a vivid image of the bag my Mom had at the time but the Holi Peshwa 02 Tote bag looks like something she would have used when I was child!

  71. Done. Famingo Clutch because it lets me catch the Flamingo-absolutely beautiful clutch in my tender hands. Love the concept. Name is as chic as the clutch.

  72. i like the holii naga 03 clutch
    1 because of its colour is so classic and attractive it can evn dress up an simple outfit
    2. the tassel gives it an international appeal
    3 this partcular clutch can luk good both with ethnic as well as western wear

  73. Done! I absolutely love the Sati 01 Satchel. It’s the perfect combination of Boho chic and casual cool. Great for the day as well as the evening. Double thumbs up to this one!

  74. Done.

    The Chola 01 Red backpack. It’s summer:) You want you hair out of your face and your side totes’ straps off your arm. Every smart woman’s favourite!

  75. Sindhu 02 Crossbody Multi is my favorite bag out of the entire collection as i like the color combinations and the geometric structure of the bag!

  76. Done

    The Shiva 04 Crossbody Red.

    I love its finishing. Not only does the three color block look good, but the green on blue of the buckle contrasts fabulously with the red. With so many colors going on and a buckle added on, it could have ended up looking tacky, but everything is just so right with this bag. Plus, it has been labeled after Lord Shiva. What’s not to love about the whole deal?!

  77. DONE
    I love Cayenne 02 white bag coz firstly I love white. And the bag seems to be spacious, elegant and just what I like. Simple and beautiful.

  78. My favourite bag is the Classic 07 Grab-cum-Crossbody. I simply loved the combination of deep red and coffee brown, it is unusual, classy and strikes the right balance between earthy and bright. It also has a handle as well as a long strap that makes it multi-purpose as a hand bag or a sling. Would love to pair it with a cream top or beige flared pants.

  79. I like the Meluha Totes the most, its colourful its vibrant and will work well both with Indian and western look.

  80. hi,

    i loved the classic 07 range in the snap above and the variation in the site. i love it the most as the name it goes by, classic, understated elegance and yet so ethnic with the HOLI signature style.

  81. Satviki 03 Crossbody – It’s a great color combination – Dark green and black. Plus Brocade is an all time favourite and am yet to see such a cool use of the fabric on a bag ever before!

    Done- FB page liked. :)

  82. I like classic 02 among all the bags because it would give a chic and ethnic look. Plus it would go well with western wear too.

  83. Hi,

    1. Done (I have followed Holii through my handle @kbmotihar
    My facebook name is Khushboo Motihar)

    2. I like Kakatiya 02 Rose the most. I love its geometrical pattern and its vibrant colours are perfect for the summers :)

    Thanks for the giveaway Priyanka.

  84. Naga 02 Shoulder Bag – after much scrolling ups and downs finally i can say that Naga 02 Shoulder Bag is my fav…My God! Such amazing collection. Spoilt with choices. Lov this bag coz the shape of the bag is so unique and uncomplicated,So modern! The color combination goes with all. The tassel adds the charm to it and steals my heart away everytime i see it. Can carry it anywhere. The embossing,hand dyeing and handmade construction is an authentic touch. So proud of Holii to bring our great heritage come alive like this. Thank you. Done

  85. II love the ginger cross body because its super chic and will go well with both traditional and casual attire.

  86. Flamingo Clutch. I loved the colour which really pops out and this clutch can go with every dress possible, whether it is a boho look or casual or anything else.

  87. 1. Done
    2. SO MUCHO love for the ‘Amba 01 Clutch’. It’s gold-and-maroon is a very classy mix of royal and lil mischief!

  88. 1) Liked the page on Facebook. My user name is Mushtari.isab
    2) I liked the flamingo clutch the most because of the colors and it goes well on most of the clothes.
    3) Done!

  89. Done. I love the Holii “Cayenne 02 Blue and Red” cross body bag because it is amazing and sling bags are the best for girls like me who are always on the go. It also has a front flap to carry the little necessities without having to rummage for it in the entire bag. The Blue and Red colour of the bag complement each other wonderfully. The red floral pattern creates such an exquisite appeal and the croc pattern in the blue leather is oh-so-chic! This bag can be paired with any outfit- be it an ethnic patiala suit or denim and a tee. All I need to do is just sling it on and I’m ready to go. Keeping my eye out for more amazing creations from Holii.

  90. Jhelum 01 shoulder bag

    This bag is the one i loved the most. The colour and look is so chic that one can look stylish in a simple dress.
    Also I have to travel daily to another city and it’ll keep my ipad safely as it has padded ipad Compartment.
    Yayyy! to stylish look, Safe for ipad and other expensive items.


  91. Done. I like “Hema 02 Blue” since it looks both elegant and ethnic with the Indian prints. Plus, I’m sure, it will go well with most of my wardrobe:)

  92. Done!
    ‘Kali 03 Red’ is my fav bag of the holi collection…its an elegant evening bag with just the right amount of grandeur yet cool quotient to get u thru an evening with ur date or partying at an uptown dinner soiree!! :)

  93. I would like to win the Lakshmi 03 red because it is a classic piece, and will go very well with ethnic silhouettes that I love wearing. I can even pair it with evening wear for a fusion look. love it!

  94. The bag I liked the most is Sati 02 Shoulder Bag .Totally love the color combination and the chic look the bag creates!!

  95. done..!
    Sati 01 Satchel is a must have. The rich texture,color & the contemporary design let you carry the bag anywhere in the world is simply super-chic!I like to have multiple compartments and pockets in my handbags to keep things organized. This is good for every occasion be it going to work or spending a day with friends, a family dinner or an evening out.So feminine and cheerful perfect for the modern age woman and for the savvy and sophisticated urban professional.

  96. 1. done/done
    2. The HOLII bag which I like the most is the “Jhelum 01 Shoulder Bag” because it is a fusion of ethnicity with modernism. The bag has a solid color with contemporary lines which is the highlight of this bag. It is best to team up with your office wear or for any day out. I think its been designed for modern Indian women who know their roots and respect Indian crafts which are popular among the world.

  97. 1. Liked Holii on FB with Nilesh Dhedhi and Followed Holii on Twitter with @nileshdhedhi
    2. My favorite bag is Chola 01 Red as it is my favorite color and a perfect bag for my wife when travelling with our little daughter.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  98. Dear , I just Love Baga 03 Red because its design is so catchy and color is also cool ,I can carry it anywhere …be at a function,geet sangeet or even at my office..
    followed you on Twitter and Facebook too.
    my twitter handle – Baga 03 Red

  99. Done !!
    Dear , I just Love Baga 03 Red because its design is so catchy and color is also cool ,I can carry it anywhere …be at a function,geet sangeet or even at my office..
    followed you on Twitter and Facebook too.
    my twitter handle – @aasmaankipari

  100. i liked Meluha tote the most it has a historic name ……its rich vibrant colors gives an exotic and vivacious look…….. it is a multipurpose bag and would go with any kind of outfit ethnic or western …….. :)

  101. 1. Done.
    2. I LOVE the Satviki 03 Crossbody… I absolutely love sling / crossbody bags… they come in small shapes and sizes but are of immense utility. Just CAN NOT do without this kind of bags. And Satviki 03’s colour combination, texture combination and material combination is absolutely unique. That’s why I like this bag the most.

  102. Done..
    I am in love with Kakatiya 03 Flat Tote , love its color,love its design ….I want to have it in my hand so that I can flaunt it among my friends proudly and make them feel jealous
    Liked on Fb and following on twitter with @papakigudiya

  103. Done.
    I like Peshwa 02 Tote because it is so adorable and classy that I want to take it everywhere I go .It will make me feel more fashionable.Just LOVE IT.
    Liked on both Twitter and Facebook.

  104. Done.
    My favorite is Jhelum 01 Shoulder Bag ..It is too cute , I love its colors,its design is also so catchy..I can take it anywhere .
    Liked On Fb and Twitter .. :)
    I am from New Delhi

  105. Done..
    I love Bhavika 01 Crossbody Multi becuase I am a college girl and it suits me well.I can put each and every thing into it which I need on regular basis.Also its design is cool..I am sure my friends will be jealous after watching it in my hands.


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