Hermes Indian Fantasies


I loved the Indian themed windows at the Hermes store in Paris and really wanted to post its picture for y’all to see but because I just couldn’t get the flash right to take a picture and partly because I was mortified standing outside the Hermes window taking a picture and being thrown looks that screamed ‘@#$%* tourists’ I decided to quit! ;) But then, I found the exact pictures of the store window in question online and here they are…

In the first image, on the left side you should be able to spot a Birkin in a paisely print! Perhaps the only Birkin I wont be lusting after ever!





  1. ooh god……this adds another reason for a paris trip, am goin for the christmas holidays n HAVE to know what’l to shop n where…P n P plz help! n are 2 days kept aside for shopping enuf ( i know they arent! )

  2. This is definitely not a room for relaxing in..the ultra-bright colors are too disturbing. I like the sequined/mirror-worked pillars..never thought of it before!


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