In Neeta Lulla


It’s been a while since we had an Esha spotting and unfortunately it wasn’t a good one. Mom Hema and her both chose shimmery Neeta Lulla saris and while Hema fared a lil’ better because of the color, Esha just came off looking bad!

Esha appearances are so few and far between and yet we never get a winner.

Hema Malini and Esha Deol at Derewala Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I quite liked Esha’s appearance, she looks good. After seeing her in a sari, I feel she looks much better in Indian wear than in western. Thumbs up from me!

  2. The sari on Esha might not be great but it certainly isn’t bad! Not to me anyway… i think she looks nice, colour suits her. At least she didn’t wear one of those black ‘Chandni Bar’ saris from the jewellery shows..

  3. I really don’t get this shimmer cloth! I was in India for a wedding recently and grew quite sick of seeing in on every other cousin/aunty.
    I’m really not digging the color on Esha, but it would’ve looked so much better without that shimmer!

  4. Though the sari is shimmery,Esha is looking good in a sari and the sari color suits her. Infact I think for the first time she dresses up better than her mother, the dream girl.

  5. the sari on Esha is not bad, but her style is too conservative, she looks much older than her age, she is an attractive girl with a nice figure, she needs to experiment, she is either in jeans or a sari. I suggest she hire Sonam’s stylist.

  6. I hate that shimmery material as well, but I feel Esha is looking pretty and fresh here despite that. The colour is looking nice on her and she has draped the sari well, I feel.

  7. what material is the shimmery fabric? looks like cheap material used for theatrical stage decor (e.g. shimmery blue ocean in the background etc.).

  8. She has a nice figure and can carry a sari well but these Christmas tree saris are definitely a no-no. Esha, maybe you should give Sabya a try.

  9. Esha looks lovely. Her figure looks great and very apt for a saree. It’s not a bad saree either, maybe the work above the border makes it look a little cheap.

  10. I feel Hema’s sari is worse but they are head-to-head. I am not sure why the green sari on Pria Kataria Puri got good reviews either. Apart from the outfit Esha looks in form.

  11. I wouldn’t be that harsh with Esha. Surely she could have done with a much better saree. But on the other hand, it’s age appropriate & she has draped it so beautifully.

  12. Esha saree color suits her. and she looks good in sarees.
    On an aside, Payal have u noticed ure not good at analysing ? Most of your posts gather an opinion which is opposite to ur analysis. This is not the case with priyanka’s posts. Maybe u shud concentrate on other aspects of the blog and leave the fashion judgements to priyanka. Now this is my observation and its not personal.


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