1. this girl looks like she should be at home doing her math homework rather than socializing at these do’s. She looks like a twelve year old in mama’s clothes and purse.

  2. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
    I would buy the green.. nice splash of colour.
    Yeah.. but how old is Arpita? Looks like such an innocent little girl.. no make up.. cute :)

  3. Short dresses that are not fitted look like tops to me, not complete without the bottom. “W” has a kurti much like this as part of an ensemble, with churidar and stole.

  4. very cute dress. how much do these sell for anyway?would love to buy it if it was a tad longer and if it was shorter as a top over pants.

  5. get a life! arpita’s not 12 she’s 22. and she looks much better in person this is just a non flattering pic. shes an awesome person she went to the same school as me & she’s beautiful inside out.. stop commenting on people youl dont know. grapes are sour


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