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  1. BLT at | | Reply

    The shoes were cute!

  2. malini at | | Reply

    HUH…me don’t think so.. that too at couture week…
    look is more like going to grocery store or.. catch a flick…

  3. k=kirthi at | | Reply

    she reminds me of anne hathaway! i love her shoes!! :)

  4. Bsimple at | | Reply

    the look is young, fresh, trendy and fun, and more importantly Soniya Mehra seems to wear it well!…really, NONE of the above!! pray, why was that lipcolor invented?

  5. Bsimple at | | Reply

    funnily..the girl in the background is posing as if she is being clicked! lol..

  6. jasmine at | | Reply

    soo cute! very daring to wear the jumpsuit isnt that from reiss? or is it karen millen? im pretty sure i saw at at one of those shops the other day. very cute

  7. Binerry at | | Reply

    The top part reminds me of a chef’s jacket.

  8. pdaervo at | | Reply

    cute for a jumpsuit
    …never understood that one
    but yeah…sh elooks cute :)

  9. anon at | | Reply

    That does not look like a jumpsuit to me..it looks more like cropped pants + top..

  10. suri at | | Reply

    cute! but alittle underdressed don’t you think?

  11. ChaltaPhirta at | | Reply

    i think she carries it off very well….anyone else may have ended up looking ill at ease and frumpy…. infact she has a unique style of dressing that’s young and bohemian…like Sienna Miller’s .you must feature adhuna akhtar here too…. she is a relief from all the designer label gang of boring ladies

  12. Adit at | | Reply

    i saw her in this…she looked better there, smiling and relaxed

  13. Flower Power at | | Reply

    cute, not fab

  14. masood at | | Reply

    well there is somebdy else who carried the jumpsuit look really nice….KANGANA wore a black jumpsuit to a premeire

  15. desdemona at | | Reply

    Hey, i just checked from archives, she is always in the same pose.. hahahaha.. but yes she looks cute here.. those shoes look kinda different and cute.

  16. Pixie at | | Reply

    No way! Have to agree with malini – too casual for couture week!

  17. Adi at | | Reply

    ugly shoes! jumpsuit looks fine. what’s with that lipstick??!!

  18. lynn at | | Reply

    very well put together. Loving the blast of color with that lipstick!!

  19. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Love the lipstick !! I have just ordered one in almost the same color…will rock it with black !

  20. lilly at | | Reply

    hey thats fab! i think that lipstick adds something,a little extra. like a shot of colour. it was seen on a lot of the shows for spirng summer 08> i like this girls sense of fashion- very different. boho chic

  21. karina at | | Reply

    cuttteee shoes!!! and how cute is she? adorable

  22. Violet at | | Reply

    I also thought that it looks more like a top with cropped pants? I just don’t like the shoes. She looks nice but not great.

  23. Nadia at | | Reply

    I’ll have to disagree with you guys on this one. The jumpsuit is not the right fit, the colour is too monotone, the shoes don’t go with anything, her hair needs to be styled better (or combed even) and her lipstick is pink! She seems to be confident which is the only saving grace of this out.

  24. shoudev at | | Reply

    She looks cute, but definetely not appropriate for a couture event. May be I would wear this dress for going to movies with my BF. cute shoes though

  25. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i agree.. the jumpsuit does not suit a fashion event.. her face is cute.. and thats about it

  26. Protyasha at | | Reply

    Perhaps not completely appropriate for a couture week, but de-e-efinitely better than some of the others seen there.

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