1. The green sari is great. I even like the bindi, but what’s with her makeup in both the pics…but having said that, if I look like this when I am 50, I’ll be super thrilled. So, Ms. Dhody, please take a bow.

  2. I hate it when women wear their saree with one boob showing…its just sooooooo incredibly skanky!!! gone is all the elegance and grace of the saree when u wear it that way! I like her necklace with that green saree. THe makeup is horrendous in both pictures..all the more so in the green one!

  3. i like her in the white sari!

    in the green sari picture, there is way too much going on with her hair/makeup and the huge necklace. a simple statement is always better

  4. i dont know, to me, she looks “uncomfortable” in the sari…i guess it’s just the stance….and the makeup.

    ok WHO is she btw? ive seen her a lot here, and everyone knows her. lol

  5. Queenie is looking fab, a little tired by all the hullaballoo about the divorce, but fab all the same. She wears Sarees very often, and she has lost oodles of weight.

  6. why isnt the pallu covering her chest? not because i am the moral police but because that is the way a saree looks good. this looks like you walked out of the kitchen and dint get a chance to straighten your clothing.

  7. How old is this woman? – she proves that she can be too rich and too thin… its like she is attractive and there is nothing inherently wrong with either outfit and overall she gives of the “monied” vibe but she still looks like an aging plasticky socialite

  8. Great face, great saree, TERRIBLE MAKE-UP! reminds me of what a girl doing up her face for the first time – like a class 10 social maybe!

  9. shes a very beautiful fabulous self made woman.her eligance for some is too hard to digest nd therefore they say in jealousy of her sucess.she looks heavenly in both the sarrees nd fyi she doesnot folloe any paparazzi.they are after her for their life


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