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  1. Anisha at | | Reply

    Couldn’t get an auto / cab!

  2. kasthrui at | | Reply

    I am seldom late. So when i am, Ii usually tell the truth. Of late, its been because of misunderstanding of where/when we are supposed to meet.

  3. Priyanka G at | | Reply

    My fav excuse is Dental pain as everyone hates it, can come anytime & know how exactly painful it can be ;)

  4. Sonia at | | Reply

    My office is on the 20th floor of Everest House,a very busy office building in central kolkata…and the lift which carries us from ground floor to 20th floor,takes its own sweet time..so i always hafta wait for a good 10 to 15 mins for the lift to come down :D
    So if am late,i always enter the office and say haplessly- aaj lift phir kharab hai..kya hoga is building kya?
    And this always works!
    And in those few minutes,i always manage to check out HHC through my phone :)

  5. Sushmita at | | Reply

    Traffic Traffic Traffic!

  6. gskspl at | | Reply

    Because of food poisoning caused by the bad chinese food.

  7. Rati Chaudhary at | | Reply

    I got late because I had a fight with my boyfriend last night. He was angry and without my knowledge he put my keys in the freezer in a glass of water.

  8. SHONET SILVEIRA at | | Reply

    My alarm clock went back to sleep. I didn’t want to wake it up.

  9. Vidushi at | | Reply

    My excuse is:

    I had the best idea for the business just as I was leaving the house. It was so incredible that I had to sit & write it down. I am sorry I got delayed but I was creating value in that time.

  10. Padma at | | Reply

    “The police to came to question me about a robbery charge and I told them I need to text/email my boss that I would be running late, but they didn’t allow me…they questioned me for half an hour and THEN they realized that they were interrogating the wrong person…Mumbai police is useless, cant even get their suspects right!!”…say it with a straight face and put on your posh accent…it works!! :D

  11. Prerna Jain at | | Reply

    Oooh I’m in love with the grey one!

    My favorite excuse, believe it or not, is that either my watch stopped working/ didn’t wear a watch and phone battery died or I need a new watch coz all the ones I have are crap and that’s not even an excuse, really!

    Hope I win the grey one- it’ll be perfect for all seasons with almost all colors- well, first I’m going to wear it to match my new grey flats (don’t worry, I’ll totally avoid a case of match much!) :)

  12. Aarti Ahuja at | | Reply

    Vendor Meeting

  13. RAHUL at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse whenever i am late is “I am almost there,I can see u.”(may be for half an hour) OR “I was here only, its the traffic, took a hell lot of time just to cross the road”.

  14. Sheela Sequeira at | | Reply

    I have a delicate digestive system, so if I’m late to work I use that for an excuse. ‘Sorry I’m late but I spent my morning throwing up, again’ . It’s usually true though :(

  15. Ashwini Senan at | | Reply

    Sorry I am running late,I dont know why this always happens to me its like I have the worst luck in the world. First my dad takes my bike to run an errand and keeps me waiting, then half way thru I ran outta fuel and had to push my bike to the bunk.(or I was saving the life of a raccoon. :D JFL )

  16. Rohit Narvekar at | | Reply

    My excuse would be: I was late for work because on my way I was chased by a ferocious dog, and had to hide in an apartment till the time dog went away.

  17. Lopamudra Roy at | | Reply

    I have cramps! Need rest :P

  18. Ankita Agrawal at | | Reply

    Bad hangover is my reason for running late :P

  19. Genie at | | Reply

    Most of the time my sure and winning excuse: I was abt to leave home, and a good frnd/relative turned up at my doorstep. will be late for an hour :-p

  20. josephvjohn at | | Reply

    I have 2 things that i do. If my boss has left before me the prev day, i would say, remember that report, i was just up the whole night to submit it (to his boss ????) and so jus got up late this morning. He would be happy that i submitted and forget bout coming late. But typically happens.
    another way is to look sickly and make it look like i struggled to come to office. ????????.
    typically i am a punctual person and sometimes too punctual and above are real scenarios. ????.
    the watch can help me either way ????. Not too late or too early. Pleash pick meee. !!

  21. Srividdhya Prashanth at | | Reply

    My fav excuse for many times have been that I got struck in the elevator and the power supply conked :D This has saved me for quite a few times :)

  22. Pavithra at | | Reply

    Traffic Jams :) Bangalore is known for them .

  23. Priyanka Dogra at | | Reply

    My usual response is that Metro train stopped between 2 stations and didnt move for 20 mins. It always works.

  24. Simran K at | | Reply

    I have a 2.5-year-old toddler, who has to be woken up at 6:30 am, cajoled into brushing his teeth, finishing breakfast, having a bath, changing into his uniform and then be out the door by 8 am. Needless to say, there are days I have to deal with sudden meltdowns and a stubborn refusal to eat anything, while the clock ticks away to glory!

    My favourite excuse? “Err…sorry sister we’re late. Just when we were getting into the car, he decided to poo again, and I had to take him up, clean the messy business, and change him again,” uttered breathlessly.

    My poor little distressed mother act is so genuine, I almost end up believing myself! :)

  25. Dipti Talreja at | | Reply

    Enjoying the monsoon from my window lost track of time.

  26. Sonali Prabhu at | | Reply

    No excuse! Just being honest….always the best policy! Trust me :)

  27. Sonali Prabhu at | | Reply

    No excuse! Just being honest….always the best policy! Trust me :)
    Btw…big big fan of HHC!!!…keep up the good work ladies x

  28. niyati agarwal at | | Reply

    my favourite excuse for when i am running late is my watch stopped working so i din’t realise what the time was.

  29. Nivedita at | | Reply

    My dog ate my watch!

  30. Niharika Naidu at | | Reply

    My excuse – ‘ Mayyyyy-jor accident on the road.’ :O
    I go on to dramatise the situation. Usually gets me off ;)

  31. Sanchari at | | Reply

    “God knows when my watch stopped working.. i just found that out on my way here..” – this excuse with a pale sorry face has saved me tons of times.

  32. Anuja at | | Reply

    Bad traffic. Being stuck in a traffic jam is my favourite excuse.

  33. Priyanka Naidu at | | Reply

    Boss i was late for work because it was International Pancake Day and IHOP was serving fee pancakes. My Boss was flabbergasted!

  34. Rekha jose at | | Reply

    I’m not late….you’re watch must be fast :) …( see thats why you need a cool DKNY watch )

  35. Vartika at | | Reply

    Dug up roads.. which means traffic running at snail pace.

  36. Shruti Gaba at | | Reply

    Most of the time my favourite excuse is…grid-lock traffic.
    It saves you most of the time unless your boss follows the same route :)

  37. Dishpa Gala at | | Reply

    I started from home on time but halfway through the journey, some vehicle splashed muddy water on my outfit. So, i had go and change. :P This i had used when it was not the rainy season :)

  38. surbhi at | | Reply

    I work in gurgaon and my office gives very bad ST’s, so just 2 days back i was running late and i messaged my boss that running late coz i have to buy ST’s on my way…

  39. surbhi at | | Reply

    and i am waiting for my heaband by divo… altho i mailed you my address a week back,…

  40. Megha gaba at | | Reply

    I used this once with my boss and you wont believe it actually worked ….:)

    ” I dreamed that I was fired, so I didn’t bother to get out of bed “

  41. Namrata at | | Reply

    For office: I am late since I was working from home and wanted to get some stuff done and not waste time being stuck in peak time traffice!

  42. Mallika at | | Reply

    My excuse not once not twice but thrice (and it was true!) was that two monkeys came into my house and refused to leave. I had to wait till they left cause they were in my living room and the other time in my kitchen!!! No one believed me :(

  43. fashionVictim at | | Reply

    ‘fell down from stairs’.. and obviously i carry my fav crepe bandage in my backpack , always! :)

  44. U P Kaur at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse, and particularly because it works effectively most times, is that my roommate is unwell and needs me to take her to a doctor. When I mention that she has no conveyance and I need to drive her to the clinic, the excuse becomes credible and most often isn’t doubted by work peers or friends.

  45. Priyanthi at | | Reply

    Just the indication of any kind of mysterious female trouble (menstrual cramps, anyone?) is enough to have my male boss running in the opposite direction. Hey, if you have it, use it!

  46. shyba at | | Reply

    There was no water in hostel,so delayed in getting ready…

  47. Isha Tahilramani at | | Reply

    The ‘RAINS’ Blame everything on the rains this season :p

  48. Gagan Mahotra at | | Reply

    My favorite Reason To Came late is ” The Bus was Not On The Time & Then These Rush Hours”.

  49. fashionmint at | | Reply

    wow…now I have my little kid ..so I automatically have a gud reason ..he just pooed when i was about to start …woha nothing can beat this excuse !

  50. anupa basu at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse for when I am running late is that the trains are running late….so I got late

  51. Adhiti Soni at | | Reply

    The reason for going late to work is tell the truth, in my case, over-slept most of the days, oh its too hot these days or too cold.Feel tired. Hahaa!

  52. monaliza Palai at | | Reply

    excuse : my damn watch stopped working n was showing the wring time

  53. Vaasavi Kaushik at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse is that I was ill the night before and couldn’t sleep so I am late in the morning !!!

  54. Meenakshy at | | Reply

    Bus kharab ho gayi thi


  55. Anandi Basu at | | Reply

    Today my house maid took a leave, so I had to finish all the house chores.

  56. Neetu Luthra at | | Reply

    My car ran out of gas on the way to work. I had to push it to a gas station.

  57. Mehak Rampal at | | Reply

    P&P, it’s DKNY but you’ve credited Fossil.

    Anyhoo, my go to excuse for being late at work is always some urgent bank work!

  58. Prerna at | | Reply

    My iPod was missing so my alarm clock wouldn’t play my music in the morning…

  59. Tushtita Deka at | | Reply


  60. Gunita Nagi at | | Reply

    I live in Delhi and use the metro usually so whenever I’m running late I say the metro got stuck between two stations for five-ten minutes or it came late and I was waiting at the station :P

  61. Jasmine at | | Reply

    WOAH I love the black one!

    Hmm when I’m running late my favourite excuse is “Blame it on the a-aa-aa-a-aa-annoying traffic on the way yaar it wasn’t my fault!”

  62. Esha at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for being late is: my watch stopped working and I didn’t realise what time it was.

  63. Akhila Gona at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse is “I fell ill, so started late. After all, I could not postpone this, so had to come though I am sick.”

  64. missplaced at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse when I am running late is that I had a Doctor’s appointment… Works most of the time ;)

  65. Lavanya N at | | Reply

    Oh shucks, My watch stopped working;-)

  66. Pallavi at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse for being late for work is saying ‘I was at my sister’s college PTA meeting since I’m her guardian here in Bombay whilst parents are out of town’. Always works!

    Psst don’t tell anyone -__-

  67. Sonam at | | Reply

    All the three bathrooms were occupied so I had to wait to get ready till Mom, dad and sister vacated atleast one of them, so I got late baby, not my fault.

  68. DaddysLittleGirl at | | Reply

    I change the time on my watch to match the time when I was supposed to reach and then exclaim ‘Oh my watch isnt working, I thought I was on time! Sorry, guess its time for a new watch’
    I bet LOTS of people do this though :)

  69. Ankita Dhandharia at | | Reply

    1 of my best excuse when i had reached late to the Office “Sir, last night in my dreams i saw that i was fired so i dint bother to get up from my bed but just sometime later i realised that if i actually dont go to office now.i’l surely be fired” :p :p

  70. Komal P at | | Reply


    Best reason for running late is ‘I was not getting a Rickshaw’ and everybody buys that always :D:D.


  71. Anusha at | | Reply

    Permanent excuse for being late – Baddd Traffic! Always works in India!

  72. Rashmi Krishna at | | Reply

    My absolute fall back “late” excuse is: “I am so sorry. I had a doctor’s appointment which got delayed.” No more irritation, complete sympathy :D

  73. Kamal Marwaha at | | Reply

    my excuse for reaching late is the person who was driving in front of me dint knew how to…. bunch of morons…it saves me every time and everyone believes it no questions asked…

  74. anita bhatt at | | Reply

    I didn’t realise that my watch was actually running slow, it needs some servicing now.

  75. Akanksha Jain at | | Reply

    Favorite excuse for when I am late is that my route was shut down by Chief Minister’s motorcade.

    Also there’s one I should mention, some time back I told my professor that I attempted to cut my own hair before class and the clippers stopped working, so had to wait until the salon opened to fix my hair. :D

  76. Karuna Sridhar at | | Reply

    Hi guys,

    My favourite reason would be that I dozed off in the train since I working late last night and therefore got up 3 stations after mine and that caused the delay!

  77. sonal dogra at | | Reply

    I drove to my old office out of habit.

  78. Priyanka Narvekar at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse for when I am running late is ‘My dog got sick’
    Everyone knows my dog is pretty old so I never get questioned beyond that!!! ;)

  79. piali dasgupta at | | Reply

    my excuse for running late to work would be, “time stopped still and so did i, for a while.”

  80. Sakshi Negi at | | Reply

    BAD TRAFFIC always :)

  81. Sangeetha at | | Reply

    My excuse: my kid threw up on me as I was leaving. Had to change and come. That’s how I got late

  82. Indrani at | | Reply

    Ma’am, my flight from dehradoon airport was delayed due to flood situation …

  83. Madhuri Rao at | | Reply

    I’m really sorry but I drove to my old office out of habit!

  84. Trishhika at | | Reply

    Staying in Bombay the best reason in rains for running late would the trains….

    “Sorry! Please excuse me for coming late, but the BMC needs to be pro active during rains. The trains are running so late. Was stuck or an hour between bandra and khar. Couldn’t even get down and take the road route. It was horrible being in the train for so long with all women fighting like in the fish market.” :P :) :D

  85. Shivani Dharia at | | Reply

    My most favourite excuse when running late is; “I broke my shoe/heel/sandal while getting here. Had to stop by and get it fixed!!!” Then I go onto to say how much I love those shoes….I think it always works……:)…they all know how mmuch I love my shoes!!

  86. Aiesha Ali at | | Reply

    my perfect excuse is..’I’m not late, i’m early for tomorrow.'( i do own my own business..so i get can get away with excuses) :P

  87. aakansha at | | Reply

    The best excuse one can EVER come up with is
    “Bad stomach”
    sounds dirty but works all the time

    It’s my tried n tested excuse one :p

    May it be a teacher or a friend or parents
    They will only show sympathy n ask u to TAKE CARE

    Shhh ….

  88. Deepthi at | | Reply

    My excuse is I couldnt find a cab…

  89. Nikita at | | Reply

    Had to dash back from midway to get the laptop charger. (Forgot it was plugged in from all that late night working yesterday ;))

  90. kannu at | | Reply

    well the most given excuse for running late is that I was unwell and then I try to put a pale lipstick to justify !

  91. Rashie at | | Reply

    Trains and rains become my best friends when i am running late. You see my office is really far from where i live.

    So the reason is: The Trains are super late. I am stuck between two stations since the past half an hour.

    If it rains, The excuse just gets bigger and better.

  92. Amma at | | Reply

    Lost my house keys.Couldn’t have locked myself outside,could I?

  93. Sneha khan at | | Reply

    My excuse ” it’s difficult to be on time when u have a baby” :)))

  94. ZeA Ali at | | Reply

    Actual reason is I drank too much last night and overslept.

  95. Saritha at | | Reply

    I like being punctual, though if I happen to be late, I would like to escape by saying that I had a flat tire!

  96. Swati Upadhyay at | | Reply

    If the boss is male, then I say I got my periods/having periods.[They generally are left speechless after this ;)] So needed rest in the morning to avoid cramps.

  97. Saranya at | | Reply

    My excuse when I’m running late – I fell down and hurt my ankle ( born vertically challenged anyway). Sympathy hugs guaranteed :P.

  98. Sunita at | | Reply

    Love the black one.

    My favourite excuse is “Had to go to the doctor this morning” – Since I am not unusually late very often, it works.

  99. Shikha at | | Reply

    Bad traffic is definitely it! Added with over the top display of frustration with roads and other fellow drivers ;)..all makes for a convincing story! tehehe..just a little white lie never hurt anybody and also its better to arrive late than to arrive ugly :P..im sure you girls will agree :D

  100. monika at | | Reply

    Favorite excuse for when you are running late?

    Yup, Flat tyre :)

  101. Varun at | | Reply

    If i get late my excuse is
    My Doggie wasnt well so I took him to vet…
    I dont have a doggie..hehe

  102. Debalina at | | Reply

    My excuse would be- I feel like I’m in everyone’s way if I show up on time. ;)

  103. Aishwarya Ks at | | Reply

    My excuse is the bus didn’t come on time and no taxis were willing to take me to my destination.

  104. Shelma D'Cunha at | | Reply

    I was stuck in the elevator!!

  105. veenu at | | Reply

    I like giving innovative excuses each time ranging from stuff like:
    -I was helping some poor people, I met on the road
    -I was working hard to finish that proposal really late last night, after work and hence just could not make it in time today morning
    – Mom has come today from home-town and I had to pick her up (and as a proof, get some mithai and proclaim it’s all Jaipur made)
    – I am so sick. With the new contagious XYZ virus in the air, I wanted to check with the doctor before coming to office
    – I am really stuck in this traffic. I did start from home so early today and yet this- Mumbai traffic!
    – I have a mysterious illness which is making me throw up. Would come to office, the moment I feel better
    – Mumbai monsoons- it’s all flooded near my place. I cant even step out.

  106. Ashwini at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse is I was working late since I can work from home.

  107. Disha Nath at | | Reply

    My train was delayed!


  108. Caffeine Junkie at | | Reply

    I was caught up with some urgent analysis and secondary research which is absolutely essential to understanding current trends. We can’t access those opinion sites on our servers.

    (I work in finance and one of my favorite things to do is sit with a hot cuppa and HHC on my laptop on a rainy morning. HHC is my required reading on fashion trends and what’s hot but unfortunately fire walled at work!)

  109. Jen at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse is that I lost track of time. :) it’s true more often than not.

  110. chetna nagpal at | | Reply

    I didnt want to be the first person to arrive. #vip #proud

  111. Urvi at | | Reply

    My favourite reason for running late is my autorickshaw broke down

  112. Aparna at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for being late is – oh sorry I thought we were supposed to meet now. Have you been waiting long?

  113. protyush at | | Reply

    i am certified late comer..no reasons needed:P

  114. nidhi at | | Reply

    I am never on time, so my name itself proves as excuse for coming late.

  115. Sonal at | | Reply

    Sorry I’m late, I got sidetracked at ice cream parlour….but I got some for you :)

    1. sonal at | | Reply

      Ohh..i didnt won this won…i needed watch for upcoming exams :( anyways congo to winners :)

  116. Priyanka Raman at | | Reply

    If I am running late home after work, my standard excuse is work pressure.. meetings.. boss gave me work or called me for a meeting at the last minute. Always works :)

    If I am running late to work, its either because there was no water/electricity leading to utter chaos or the alarm did not ring..

  117. komal at | | Reply

    I know i am late…today is ‘National be late to school/work Day :P

  118. Cheril at | | Reply

    I usually give between one of two excuses..

    1. Alarm didn’t go off

    2. Couldn’t find my car keys

  119. Tan at | | Reply

    Plumbing at home gave out :P

  120. Dolon at | | Reply

    My fav excuse is that I got caught up in traffic..works all the time :P

  121. lata at | | Reply

    My watch got broke…now m thinking about getting a new stylish fossil watch ;)

  122. Aishwarya at | | Reply

    My watch just stopped! And I lost all track of time!! ;)

  123. Varsha Babel at | | Reply

    My 2 year old daughter woke up early and wouldn’t leave me. I got late trying to make her sleep again……

  124. Ali G at | | Reply

    My car wouldn’t start, I had to jumpstart it!

  125. Nupur at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for running late is ‘I have to rush my dog to the vet.’ between three dogs, they seem to be in the need of veterinary care fairly regularly!

  126. Saumya Chandra at | | Reply

    My watch stopped working again ;)

  127. Aditi at | | Reply

    I like to customize my excuse based on who I’m giving it to- with the lady boss it’s children, with the guy boss car trouble, with
    Moms it was because of my sister and with the husband
    I never have to worry he is always later than me.

  128. Bhavana Hiranandani at | | Reply

    My best excuse while running late is to tell them that my mother in law didnt prepare lunch on time and I could not dare ask her to let me go without making the lunch she woke up early in the morning for!

    People with mils would relate!

  129. Sohini at | | Reply

    I am rarely late, but on occasions I do end up being late, this is what I usually say, “My watch stopped working, and I lost track of time.”
    See why I need a watch

  130. Sohini at | | Reply

    I am rarely late, but on occasions I do end up being late, this is what I usually say, “My watch stopped working, and I lost track of time.”
    See why I need a watch.

  131. Atishay Jain at | | Reply

    I was running late… so i decided to drove fast… n then I was stopped by traffic police for speeding.. :D

  132. Deepa at | | Reply

    My excuse(always works): I came half way here and realized i had forgotten most important thing so had to turn back and drive all the way.

  133. Sakshi at | | Reply

    I was running late today for office and had thought of using this excuse :

    India won the Champions Trophy last night and i was up till 2am watching the match, cheering the team and enjoying the presentation ceremony.

  134. Namrata at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse has always been that i missed the bus

  135. Yamini at | | Reply

    Excuse: I was busy checking out highheelconfidential and lost the track of time..
    no seriously, I also broke my heel!

  136. Saroj at | | Reply

    Hey… Whenever I am getting late for my work I call up my boss and make an excuse of my clothes getting dirty on the way because of some sill auto vala…. or a doctor appointment and sometimes my leg would suffer a sprain.. :-D

  137. meghna jacob at | | Reply

    My daughter started crying as i left the house; had to wait till she calmed down (always works – who is gonna get upset with a mother of a cranky child?!)

  138. Kshipra Jain at | | Reply

    I forgot we had Moved Locations..and went to Our Old Address..Did you know its a Flower Shop Now ??These are for you… :) :P

  139. Rashmi Thakur at | | Reply

    I am usually never late for classes but in case i get late, i make sure i have a friend who is also late, and while entering the classroom, i push him/her first inside so they have to answer the professor :P.. the reason which i usually give is my sandal/shoe got broken and couldnt find cobbler :P

  140. Chiclets at | | Reply

    Used so many excuses:
    – Traffic
    – Car broke down on flyover
    – Cabbie started fighting with another driver, like a proper fist fight
    – Not well
    – Better half not well
    But my favourite by far:
    – My building had no water, hence I couldnt bathe. Believe me, no one wanted me in office that day :)

  141. Nova at | | Reply

    “Oh I got a call from this semi-neurotic colleague of mine who just wouldn’t hang up…and since I’m not wearing a watch today I really didn’t realize I was late until just now! Sorry sorry sorry, am rushing…will be there in a moment.”

  142. wtf? at | | Reply

    I once told my boss that my there had been a short circuit and my house had caught on fire and that I was late because I had to call the fire department. It worked quite well but unfortunately this isn’t the sort of excuse you can use over and over again. A pity.

    The one I use on a regular basis however is ‘unforeseen and inexplicable lack of autos/taxis’. It works, sometimes.

  143. Pallavi at | | Reply

    Hello… I was there half and hr early.. dint see you there and left.. now hold on will be there in ten… its ridiculous how you keep me waiting.. ALWAYS! :p

  144. Tina Rajan at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse for running late varies with time.

    15 mins: right around the corner, stuck in a bad jam

    20 mins: Just got an auto/bus 5 mins back. will be delayed

    30 mins: got pulled up by the traffic cops

    1 hour: went to the atm to withdraw money and card got stuck in the machine

    +2 hours: rushed to the hospital with abdominal pain, thought it was appendicitis


  145. Sunanda K at | | Reply

    I broke the heel of my shoe and had to go back to change. Sorry, I’m late!!!

  146. Amrita at | | Reply

    Had a conference call to attend to!

  147. shabana at | | Reply

    browsing highheelconfidential :)

  148. Susmita at | | Reply

    ” No water to freshen up so running late “

  149. Priya Samnotra at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse for running late till date is – ” I worked till late at night and so i overslept (fluttering eyelids) ” and it so works.. touchwood*

  150. alan at | | Reply

    the metro, it is always the metro!!!!!blame it on the metro hold ups or the alarm, just tell everyone that the alarm didnt go off!!!!!!

  151. Divya at | | Reply

    There was a political movement happening on the way ma’am…and obviously it is the lives of people like us that gets affected…!!!! Sorry ma’am…got late due to stoppage of traffoc movement.

  152. Saritha at | | Reply

    I would never like to be late, however if I am late will blame the flat tire of my car!!!

  153. Baebin at | | Reply

    Robbers broke into my house last night ;)

  154. Anuja at | | Reply

    OMG…You’ll never believe what happened.I got caught in a shooting! I think I spotted Ranbir ;)

  155. shubneet at | | Reply

    when i run late i smile and say,’was the meeting early !cause if its so i was not informed..

  156. wishes at | | Reply

    ” was stuck in bad traffic..:(”

    the watches are gorgeous..fingers crossed.

  157. Neha Verma at | | Reply

    Bad Traffic :)!!

  158. Swati Tyagi at | | Reply

    My Favorite excuse when i’m getting late is “that damn alarm doesn’t rang this morning”

  159. Rajani Singh at | | Reply

    Flat Tire

  160. Aathira at | | Reply

    Well… you will not guess what happened! The water ran out when I was washing my hair! Then I had to run to the kitchen and use up all the drinking water to wash my hair! Bad day dude… but I so badly wanted to come and meet up.. now the day should definitely look up!

  161. Divya at | | Reply

    In India– I got a bad slush splash by the nasty speeding car, as I was walking across the road, hence had to go back all the way and change my clothes before I could reach the office for work! :)

  162. lush.green.pastures at | | Reply

    My Irritable Bowel Syndrome is acting up…AGAIN!

  163. priyanka mansotra at | | Reply

    my favourite excuse when i am late is that there was an accident on the road due to which there was a long traffic jam

  164. Neha at | | Reply

    flat tire :)

  165. Divya Agarwal at | | Reply

    My watch fell off and I lost track of time…Be there in 5!

  166. honey at | | Reply

    i wud defnitely say illness n bad traffic as there wud b no denial to it from my boss..

  167. Nimrita at | | Reply

    Last night some thieves attacked my house :(

  168. Marzina Nathasha at | | Reply

    i was on time, but i by mistake entered other block (building). i went to a wrong building

  169. Sarla at | | Reply

    My excuse for running late – There wasn’t any electricity at home, couldn’t open the garage door and thus couldn’t leave for work Had to wait till the electricity was back. :D The boss bought it :)

  170. amber at | | Reply

    My watch was set to Paris time!!

  171. Pavitra at | | Reply

    My child doesnt let go of my legs when I drop him in daycare. It is a process, hence I run late.

  172. Namrata at | | Reply

    I drove to the place I’d rather work at by mistake :)

  173. Nidhi, bangalore at | | Reply

    My daughter pooped on me just when I was going to leave!!! The excuse works every time – I should be safe for another 24 months atleast with this one :)

  174. Swagata Roychowdhury at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse for running late is “Oh, I had a terrible headache last night (again). It was the medication. ”
    P.S. Hope my secret is safe with you ;)

  175. Natasha Halageri at | | Reply

    When I am running late, I usually tell my boss I’m having “girl troubles” and I automatically get excused.. ;)

  176. Divya Nagpal at | | Reply

    The heel of my shoe broke on the way to work so I had to go home to change shoes

  177. Shveta Nagpal at | | Reply

    I’m sorry I’m late. But I seriously thought today was ‘National be late to work day!’

  178. Arun Rawat at | | Reply

    I’m not late!!! Everyone else is just early!! :P

  179. Devansh Bole at | | Reply

    I’m sorry I’m late.. I got stuck in the elevator! (Even used this when I was 3 hours late!! ;-) )

  180. Barenya at | | Reply

    I’ve never been the habitual late-comer yet of-course, like everyone, i’d had my share of rows with the office/college-clock! :D
    The unimaginative excuse of a traffic gird-lock never helped me one bit, so i took to this, {and now it’s my fav. excuse for that damned day when i displease the office-clock and its patrons! :) } –
    ” My 4 year old puked right when i was about to leave home.. I really couldn’t have considered not seeing to it. But I truly am apologetic that I choose to look after her till she felt a little better at the cost of the office-timings. The delay sure wasn’t deliberate and i promise to see to it not being repeated.”
    (My little one doesn’t like this excuse though! :D)

    I once tried giving the excuse of having left the data print outs at home and hence having to rush back again, but my employer’s consequent questioning of my sensibilities (and responsibilities) put me off from letting that be my to-go-for-excuse! :)

  181. shwetha at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse?
    My mirror had a problem and just wasn’t looking right. Something was just off when I looked into it and I couldn’t figure out why – I kept trying to fix things over and over again till it was at an acceptable state. Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave until then. I did bring some amazing wine with me to try and make up for my tardiness, does that help….

  182. Dilpreet at | | Reply

    I took the train going in the the wrong direction!

  183. Sayantani at | | Reply

    My best bet would be to blame on the traffic.

  184. Gurpreet at | | Reply

    i thought no one notices what time i come in :)

  185. Reshma at | | Reply

    Favourite excuse for running late:

    I wasn’t feeling well in the morning!!

  186. Sujata at | | Reply

    My neighbours had a late night party with loud music up till 3am..I could finally sleep only when the party was over which is why I couldn’t wake up on time and thus I’m late:P

  187. Shruti Khandelwal at | | Reply

    Running late .
    coz flat tire can be caught but if ur in traffic u are.
    ciminal mind is one who doesnt leave evidence.

  188. Simmi yadav at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for running late would be that my three year old thought that my car keys were flushable and he was right….so I had to take the bus…..

  189. Shikha Rao at | | Reply


    The best reason to give once late is my bike ran out of fuel and I had to push the bike till the pump

  190. shweta daga at | | Reply

    For this one my boss always give me a your fired today look “I didn’t have money for petrol, because i dont have an ATM card”

  191. sneha s at | | Reply

    Its a very cliched excuse but works all the time..
    ” My route to work was shut down had to go all round “

  192. Namrata Narain at | | Reply

    I have used the following excuses and several of them have unfortunately been true:

    1. I slept on the train while coming to the office
    2. I slept in the shower in the morning
    3. I slept after hitting the gym in the morning…
    4. My dog was sick. He is really important to me, so don’t
    5. I didn’t plan my weekend trip right and will land too late to be able to make it to office in time.
    6. I was sick (this has actually never really happened, thank god)

  193. Gita at | | Reply

    I am late because… i over slept!!!

  194. TD at | | Reply

    I prefer to say that there was no water supply at my house..no shower no work..you wouldn’t want to sit next to the smelly cat now would you ;-)

  195. Bittoo at | | Reply

    maid misplaced the car keys

  196. Preethi at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse when I am running late : My alarm didn’t ring on the time I set it to.

  197. Iceberg at | | Reply

    Some idiot banged my car!! It was such a scene!!

  198. Samhita at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse when I am late: My husband didn’t prepare the breakfast on time.

  199. veebha nale at | | Reply

    auto strike :D

  200. Div at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse while running late off late has been that I keep getting lost because the iphone maps app is on crack! Having moved to a new city I’ve actually been able to get away with it! :P

  201. Devika at | | Reply

    Most of the days it is, “well I will be late today because my cat is very lonely and stressed out. If I don’t spend some quality time with him, he will keep peeing on the furniture!”

    P.S. If everyone keeps up this is going to be a fun comment section to look out for. :)

  202. mansi at | | Reply

    i am late because there was no water in the building tanks… had to fetch it from ground floor to the top floor on my own.. and then i made it to work…

  203. priya at | | Reply

    My driver had gone somewhere without informing me and i was ready and waiting for him and hence i am late..
    p.s. i cannot drive and this excuse works wonders for me since i get to blame my driver and get away with any snides/complaints

  204. Neesha at | | Reply

    I got stuck in the lift or stuff like..I stay on the 12th floor and when I got in the elevator this kid pressed the buttons for nearly all the floors while crying really loudly as she didn’t want to go to school first thing in the morning so to protest she pressed as many floors as possible!!! So I had to enjoy the ride! ha!

  205. Sue at | | Reply

    I always, always, always find a new way to blame the husband. Sometimes it’s because he got up late and ruined my schedule, sometimes it’s because I got late trying to accomodate his meetings, sometimes he just held me up. Most people in my life know and like him, so it’s all cool and mostly I’m forgiven. It’s a very safe excuse!

  206. Simmi yadav at | | Reply

    My best excuse would be that my three year old thought that my car keys are flushable and he was right……

  207. Ps at | | Reply

    For me i always stuck on railway crossing…..and you know our trains are always running late….and when i am deadly late then a goods train passed by ;)

  208. Amit at | | Reply

    had to drop the wifey as her car is in the garage

  209. Sowmya Venkata Subramanian at | | Reply

    I am always stuck at the signal right next to my office :P

  210. Swaroopa at | | Reply

    My favorite excuses for running late is “I lost my House keys and no one is home”. Works every time.

  211. Gunjan at | | Reply

    My driver didnt report on time due to some festival. ( look up on google, everyday there is some festival or the other in india )

  212. NG at | | Reply

    traffic was like a parking lot on the highway

  213. shweta at | | Reply

    Woke up late :p

  214. Mallika at | | Reply

    “I was at home sleeping, dreaming I was at work!” (or wherever one is late to)

  215. Vidya Srinivasan at | | Reply

    Met somebody after a long time.. And therefore turned up late.

  216. Tehi at | | Reply

    “I got into an accident” – it also garners some sympathy ;)

  217. Siddhajyoti at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse is- ” i was busy saving lives of others…….by driving slow and steady!”

  218. Kavita Kapoor at | | Reply

    Hello HHC folks,

    Good morning! Hope you all are doing great.

    Out of all excuses, my Favorite excuse while running late would definitely be this one – I have a doctor’s appointment at and I will be IN around and you know what, mails and messages starts flooding saying “Take care”, “what happened dear?”, etc..
    Colleagues show their love and care through all this.


  219. Kruti Shah at | | Reply

    I would say something like “I am late on purpose, because I’m practicing being a star.. and everyone knows stars are always fashionably late.”

  220. khushboo at | | Reply

    my fav excuse in college times used to be “my alarm didnt work sir!”
    n once i gave an honest excuse n believe me or not it was the first time my professor believed me n allowed me t attend the class ..my excuse was ” i woke up late sir”

  221. Shana at | | Reply

    Why? why is it open to indian residents only? :(

    – From a faithful non-indian asian reader.

  222. nidhi at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for when I am running late is that my watch is running slow so I could not figure out that I am actually late.

  223. Aaron at | | Reply

    The excuse that is FAIL PROOF is that I had to take one of my grand parents somewhere. Sentimental HR’s are the best =P

  224. Aditi Kumavat at | | Reply

    I’m late coz I was busy being Wonder Woman. The world needs me too, you know :P

  225. Amruta Khatavkar at | | Reply

    Actually I’m not really late 90% of the times but I’ve used the excuse of bumping in to someone (cause I’m quite the chatterbox) and gotten away with it! I’d love to own that grey croc-embossed leather with the white dial in brushed & polished stainless steel casing!

  226. Samaanta at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for running late is loosing my house keys :)

  227. Neha at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for when I am running late is that I lost track of time as I met a friend on my way.
    Hopefully a watch as beautiful as this will have me hooked onto it and punctuality may actually become a personality trait!!

  228. Alpana Razdan at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse being : I could not come to work because i split my pants while coming and had to go back.. Since most of my bosses have been Male in the past it normally works as they never quite get out of the shocked zone fast enough ! xoxo

  229. Vikas at | | Reply

    Here goes my excuse “I dreamed that I was fired, so I didn’t bother to get out of bed”

    Hope i win the watch coz m really in love with them.

  230. Aakriti Bhargava at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for being late to work is that I left my cell phone at home and had to turn back to get it!
    Hope my excuse is good enough to score those gorgeous watches! :)

  231. Kavya Seetala at | | Reply

    My Favorite excuse when I’m running late is that it took more time to get ready because as Coco Chanel says ”Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; Dress impeccably and they remember the woman”, I want to be remembered and not my dress.
    P.S- This ain’t a lie.:)

  232. feelgood at | | Reply

    I would say stomach ache… As this is what we used to say when we were kids to avoid going to school.

  233. Jui at | | Reply

    Umm..my vehicle got punctured is the most favorite excuse of mine in any such situation.

  234. Netika at | | Reply

    Bad traffi :D

  235. ritu at | | Reply

    i’m from pondicherry. i give time a break!

  236. Swati Sapna at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse when running late is – I was busy rescuing a puppy/kitten on the road! :D half the time its true too…!

  237. A.Shruti at | | Reply

    The reason I give for running late:

    “But the meeting wasn’t scheduled for this time. There must have been some confusion at your end. Hence, I got late since I was aware of the other time” :P

  238. Ana at | | Reply

    I never noticed the time!

  239. sindhu gupta at | | Reply

    When I was in my hostel I would have my friends pick me up at my hostel, and I am one person who cannot just get ready on time, so using the bad traffic excuse was not an option for me. So I had one common excuse and that was the maid excuse. I always said them that the moment I am about to leave the maid comes to clean my room, she doesnt comes later,she is adamant blah blah. This excuse was my best excuse ever!

  240. Palak Kapoor at | | Reply

    My fav excuse for running late is the dramatic ” oh shit my watch just stopped working I realised I’m late when I looked at my mobile phones time “

  241. Shilpa k at | | Reply

    When i’m running late for work my excuse is usually “the short distance that makes me lazy to be on time” – as it makes me feel that its near by so i can stay with my bed for some more time !! ;)

  242. Pallavi at | | Reply

    When I am running late, I blame it on my 2 year old.
    “My kid is sticking to me like a leech, its difficult to get going with her wrapped around my leg like a boa constrictor”

  243. Flier at | | Reply

    Have to feed my dog, wouldn’t let him starve for my sake !

  244. saumya at | | Reply

    Wrong alarm time :P . p.m. instead of a.m. or vice versa .

  245. anshita at | | Reply

    my dinosaur didnt bring the paper in the morning so asked my smurf to get it and then he went missing….so got late! ;)

  246. Vrudhi at | | Reply

    The reason i am running late is because my alarm dint ring.

  247. Preethi at | | Reply

    Bad traffic!

  248. nitisha at | | Reply

    thanks to mumbai rains local trains were late hence i got late.

  249. Gungeet at | | Reply

    Hie :) I belong to that lot which is always late and never on time. I may always be seen running between my college gate to the classroom for my first morning lecture.All these excuse like Bad traffic, rains, technical glitch are an ultimate life saver. I have also invented some of my own :

    Like, I would say- “Mam, I was planning to take a leave but then I realized, we have an important topic to be covered today. So got ready hurriedly and landed late, Sorry.”

    One day I said that I was working on an important project last night, slept late, got up late and landed up late.

    We have been told to bring newspapers everyday, so my best excuse is that “Newspaper wala came late” :P

    I have these endless excuses ideas.
    But I want to get punctual in my life,so if i’ll win this awesome Fossil watch, I may become punctual and may incur habit of reaching before time. :)

    Thanks (I hope its not too long)

  250. Henal Shah at | | Reply

    Got stuck in a meeting.

  251. JUHI DUTTA at | | Reply

    My alarm clock ditched me today.

  252. NEHA YADAV at | | Reply

    My excuse is always the traffic, though I’m extremely punctual most of the times.


  253. DeeEm at | | Reply

    I know its a little sly of me.. but the only times I run late are when I have to meet up with my friends. And I always pick up something for them. Chocolates, lotions, whatever it be and say I got late during the billing. They’re usually so touched by the gesture that my being late never even comes up! =)

  254. MD at | | Reply

    I run late because i can’t keep track of time once i start surfing HHC :) !

  255. Heli Shah at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse- Oh damn! I keep on forgetting that we have shifted office.

  256. Swapna at | | Reply

    My all time favorite excuse for running late is a traffic jam. It is easily believable in Delhi/NCR.

  257. RHEA at | | Reply

    my reason for running late is … forgot wallet.. so had to return back…from half way… so it took double time :P ;)

  258. Saini at | | Reply

    I was looking all over for my watch! :D

  259. Namita Tripathi at | | Reply

    Being in Delhi, my favourite excuse when I am running late is ‘fixed to a spot coz of VIP movement’.

  260. Apoorva at | | Reply

    My watch stopped working!

  261. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I wet my clothes so I went home to change

  262. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Oopss… i m late becoz my watch is not working!!! :)

    Love to win this!!!

  263. reshma at | | Reply

    My fav excuse would be that my car got hit! So had to go to the garage to get it fixed! Quite believable I say !

  264. eureka at | | Reply

    My Answer :-

    A wizard always arrives precisely when he means to :)

  265. Gauri at | | Reply

    I am always on time, husband is never on time and we are a package deal hence I am perpetually late!

  266. Jahnavi Chakravarty at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for when I’m running late is, ” I’m severely allergic to early mornings” Usually makes people laugh, and forget about my tardiness!

  267. SJ at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse, living in central bombay is that i was stuck in traffic at dharavi – no one ever questions that because dharavi is always, and i mean always traffucked!

  268. Sangeeta at | | Reply

    I looked in the mirror and fell in love all over again and it was soooo hard to pull myself away…

  269. Nidhi C at | | Reply

    One excuse doesnt work all the time specially if its with same person so I have a series of excuses that I mix up and shuffle between :-D Sharing the ones I use the most:
    1. Got into a fight with an idiot on road – this works big time specially in Gurgaon :D
    2. No water – couldnt even brush my teeth – works like a miracle – no one wants you in office without brushing and bath :D
    3. Someone splasged mud on my dress as soon as I got out, had to go back and change – works miracles in monsoon or bird droppings
    4. A black cat crossed my path and you know how my family is…they didnt allow me to go for next half hr.
    5. Maid came late/ didnt turn up
    6. Petrol got over – had to push the car till petrol bunk…hmmph really tired now

    Bad Traffic doesnt work lately coz now we are supposed to expect it as a reality and thus plan to travel before time

  270. Harsha at | | Reply

    I had actually used this excuse when I was in college. I was running late for one my classes, the excuse that I came up with along with a friend was – I could not lock my bike (scooty) as I had dropped the key and it got bent out of shape. To make the excuse more believable my friend and I hit the key hard against a wall. The professor believed us and I was lucky as I had a spare key with me as well :)

  271. manisha joshi at | | Reply

    client came over!

  272. Bela Trivedi at | | Reply

    Favorite excuse for when you are running late my watch ditch me.

  273. Ramya at | | Reply

    I did not have a DKNY watch ;)
    (I hope i win one so that that i wont have to make the excuse ;))

  274. Renuka at | | Reply

    Flat tire really. That would be a better, safer & most practical excuse.

  275. Nehal at | | Reply

    I took the apple and left my keys in the freezer. Had to get duplicate ones done! :(

  276. Bhoomi Shah at | | Reply

    My monsoon special excuse- There was this lil puppy drenched in rain and so I was trying to provide proper shelter :D

  277. A at | | Reply

    Excuse for running late you ask?

    None. I’d just say exactly just what happened for me to land late. It works, more often than not. And if it doesn’t, may be I deserve it. Get started with no further ado, I’d say to moi..

  278. MOHIT BHATNAGAR at | | Reply

    My fav excuse is ” I did set the alarm, but my phone was on silent”

  279. Noor Anand at | | Reply

    My most used excuse is a stomach upset!

  280. Vibz at | | Reply

    Gosh… The humidity made me do my hair all over agaian :p

  281. bb at | | Reply

    A bus broke down in the middle of the road, you know public buses. Best Excuse! ;)

  282. Simab at | | Reply

    While rowing across the river to work; I got lost in the fog. Haha. I usually use over the top excuses that make people laugh to ease the tension. But if it’s a serious situation (I’m always religiously late) more often than not its a broken alarm clock or car problems.

  283. Nazia at | | Reply

    You see , Wonder Woman wanted me to run some errands ;)


  284. Anjali at | | Reply

    Hello !
    When i’m running late which is oh-so-often my favorite excuse is ‘Sorry folks, I’d to fill petrol and there was a queue at the fueling station. I promise i wont be late next time on!’ *flashes a huge smile*

  285. Swati at | | Reply

    My excuse would be: My watch stopped working so I didnt realise I was late :P

  286. Seema at | | Reply

    My favorite excuse is “Bai time pe nahi aayi”

  287. shruthi at | | Reply

    if i was late for class i’d laugh and say “i’m not late. everyone else is just early ” or act like i’m upset and say”that’s silly, I have 10 minutes to spare!”…then start tapping my wristwatch and hold it up to your ear (if its not digital)…then kinda sigh and hang my head. LOL!

  288. Renisha at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse for being late is: “Family emergency”.

    Ofcourse, if like Joey Tribbiani I’m quizzed about the details, I can also use: “A raccoon ate my house keys and I had to take him to the vet”.

  289. Nirali Shah at | | Reply

    I always say I had to stop at the bank before work as I don’t have an off on Saturdays as well. My boss must be thinking that I have millions stashed away that I need to keep checking regularly.

  290. Jahnavi at | | Reply

    “Sorry I’m late, I had a job interview with another firm “

  291. Rachna at | | Reply

    “I didn’t think you’d notice when I came in”

  292. Ashita at | | Reply

    Running late? Blame it on the public transport! ‘Cause that’s what I do every time I reach late somewhere. Hah!
    And yep, it works.
    ‘The auto-waala was riding too slow’, ‘the metro faced some infrastructural difficulties and stopped for too long at every station’, ‘the rickshaw-waala was riding like a snail’, ‘the bus had to face some serious traffic jams’! And you’re done. Trust me, these tend to save you hell loads! ;)

  293. Shraddha at | | Reply

    My cab driver lost his way and was late and then you know how Bangalore traffic can be right!

  294. Preethi at | | Reply

    Am I late ? oh cause my watch says Im on time ;)

  295. Anita at | | Reply

    All I say is-
    ” I’m not late…everyone else is just early”. ;)

  296. Ashyy S. at | | Reply

    I say- ”I hit a dog and had to stop”.
    Then I look at my boss with *puppy eyes* and say “wouldn’t you have done the same thing?!?”. ;)

  297. Mrs. Gandhi at | | Reply

    My current leading contender for the best late-for-work excuse:
    ”I didn’t think you noticed when I came in”. :D :D

    Really hope to win the watch!!

  298. Ashaa at | | Reply

    I dreamed last night that I was fired, so I didn’t have the courage to show up. :P

  299. Anny at | | Reply

    I’m late because my dad was punishing my younger brother this morning. He was beating him with my shoes. I couldn’t come in barefoot. :P
    Someone was following me so I had to take a longer route to throw him off. :D

  300. ZeeZoo at | | Reply

    “Oh, the Metro got stuck between two stations. It was so claustrophobic! Can I get some water, please?”

  301. Rima at | | Reply

    When I’m getting late, I have my excuse ready : I think my watch is a little late then because it shows I’ve reached on time :p

  302. krupa mahta at | | Reply

    It starts like this,”Don’t ask! I didn’t get a cab for the longest time, even though i made sure i bent a little and asked nicely. When i finally got one, I had to turn back mid-way and go home because I forgot the xyz(some really important thing) and tripped on the way to my house, you know how clumsy i can get(and show an old scratch to support the story because I am clumsy enough)
    Its one of those days i guess!”

  303. SBali at | | Reply

    Broke my shoes :)

  304. Azher Khan at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse, (which never fails to work by the way), is this permanent dent on my fender with tiny holes, not very conspicuous but not completely unnoticeable either, which I deliberately haven’t repaired, mostly because it’s such a minor issue but also because I can always point to it and say that that’s what happened to me on my way to work and the traffic police was late in arriving due to the jam that we had caused. Very conveniently, I still have the badly handwritten report that the cop wrote up for me when the actual accident occurred, and it’s a handy little detail that goes a long way in substantiating my claim. I guess if someone actually dared to comb through it, they would find the date, but hey, how often do you really look at a man’s shoes?

  305. Vidya Hemraj at | | Reply

    My favourite excuse when I’m running late is that the driver didnt turn up at all or turned up late ;-)

  306. ravneet kaur grewal at | | Reply

    my best excuse is ” i met with a minor accident & i had to take the other person to nearest first aid stop which could not have been avoided ” it does motivate others that we should help others, i escape from any sort bad remarks & solves my purpose too :)

  307. Rumaiza Saleem at | | Reply

    Nine times out of ten, my poor alarm clock is to blame for when I’m late, which happens more often that not. :P So whenever I’m up late watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S re-runs or playing Fruit Ninja on my phone, and am late the next day, I mostly go with ‘my alarm didn’t go off, sir!’…and of course, it’s implied that if he paid me decently, I’d get myself an alarm clock that actually works,…and have to find myself another excuse for being late.

  308. Mugdha Hande at | | Reply

    I had to help my neighbor’s kid with some art work for school. Could not help to deny the sweet and innocent girl whose project required a lot of cutting and creativity.

    (Worked for me as my boss has a school going kid and empathized with me how gruel-some these projects can be. Nonetheless the kids want to prove themselves and a good project is a great high to boost their morale.)

  309. Bloo at | | Reply

    Well, since I live alone in a city, my favourite excuse is always that I have to fix things in my house, make payments etc for my house…Its often correct but sometimes when I want as extra sleep in time, then nothing like playing the “have to do all myself” card :D I love the grey one, just in case I am picked !

  310. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    One of the kids threw up as we left home. In my defence, it’s true 90%of the time. :-/,

  311. krati at | | Reply

    a perfect and favourite excuse would be :- “the rain coudnt just stop, and O’my god, it makes me run late always,huh” :D…all blame on this season. ;)
    and an another excuse would be : “oh, am i late? ..seeing my wrist and saying : i dont get to knw if am running late or on time ,gifting me a watch would be great idea ;) ”
    P.S. wonderful watches :)

  312. kuldeep at | | Reply

    I ate my wife’s breakfast by mistake so I had to fix a new one for her. And you know how tough job it is for a guy like me :(

  313. DEEPTI at | | Reply

    My excuse would be simple like this:-

    “I thought you would not notice when I come in.”

  314. champ at | | Reply

    I actually attempted to cut my own hair before work and the clippers stopped working, so I had to wait until the barber shop opened to fix my hair.

  315. rajni sharma at | | Reply

    My husband thinks it’s funny to hide my car keys before he goes to work. >_<

  316. suman at | | Reply

    My father didn’t wake me up since he left for his office early today.

  317. rajeev at | | Reply

    I’m not late…everyone else is just early.

  318. Rumaiza Saleem at | | Reply

    Nine times out of ten, my poor alarm clock is to blame for when I’m late, which happens more often that not. :P So whenever I’m up late watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S re-runs or playing Fruit Ninja on my phone, and am late the next day, I mostly go with ‘my alarm didn’t go off, sir!’…and of course, it’s implied that if he paid me decently, I’d get myself an alarm clock that actually works,…and have to find myself another excuse for being late. ;)

  319. beenu kapoor at | | Reply

    I know I am late coz…today World is celebrating
    ‘Be late to work” Day :D

  320. MJ at | | Reply

    Since I am in HR only, would rather come up with an apology before my Boss fires at me-

    “I am Late ! Sorry Sir”

    Honesty is the best policy to climb the stair of success, would not let loose his trust over such simple thing. Dare to Win his heart, Be straight forward & discuss problem rather than coming up with silly indigestible excuses.

    Many of you might not agree with me, but its my way of thinking & have never ever been bullied. Trust Me !

  321. kanchan at | | Reply

    I hit a car in the parking lot (describing my boss’s car) and had to leave a note…that killed precious time !!

  322. akshay at | | Reply

    I got late coz I went for a job interview at opposite end.. offering my dream profile with nice paycheck :)

  323. apoorva patel at | | Reply

    You know boss how METRO run in our city, slight drizzle and we get caught up in technical fault. Metro got stuck in underground tunnel and didn’t even have a way to escape !!

  324. mudit at | | Reply

    I was driving too fast to reach to office early and met up with a car accident and it took time for me to take the car to a garage and find a taxi to reach the office.

  325. Anjani at | | Reply

    My left turn signal wasn’t working so I had to make all right turns to get to work.

  326. Varshini at | | Reply

    My route to work was shut down by a Presidential/Chief minister motorcade.

  327. Ravita Kankaria at | | Reply

    I had a family death but due to the work piled up I have to force myself to come to the office even at this tragic hour of life :(

  328. Dhananjay Chand at | | Reply

    I had to drop my children to school as they missed their bus.

  329. Sidharth Mishra at | | Reply

    I was late because my girlfriend snagged my debit card and led me on a wild goose chase through the city. Here it is…finally got it back ! Women huh !

  330. Ekta Maheshwari at | | Reply

    I am late because I fell off the train and had to walk to the next station. Lucky I didn’t lose my ticket !! Phewww!

  331. Unbeatable Ajit at | | Reply

    I am too excited about the new project that I still could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach and I could not sleep for hours.

  332. prateek at | | Reply

    I forgot an important project file and thus have to go back to my home to get it. And when i reached there I found that my wife locked the house and took the keys with her and hence I could not get the file.

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