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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    haseena for me too because she has class and Queeni looks tacky and distasteful as usual.

  2. Jay at | | Reply

    Haseena for me too… although I wish her pleats were like Queenies (all in line and neat). All Queenie had to do was ditch the sri devi in chandani bangals and bindi then drape the sari properly…not much lol.x

  3. Soho at | | Reply

    Haseena is chanelling a well dressed classy Indian Royal and Queenie is chanelling you know what ….

  4. KayAar at | | Reply

    Hasina : Classy
    Queenie : Trashy

    1. rvc at | | Reply

      Can’t say it better.

  5. Nidhi at | | Reply

    I cant stop drooling over haseen’s saree and especially that emerald necklace..! sigh.

    Queenie is such a beautiful woman but she needs to bring her style down a notch coz she’s coming across as tacky for a long time now. plus she is becoming a bit of a caricature of herself.

  6. ash at | | Reply

    I don’t even know what this lady does(Haseena that is) but just from viewing this site, I am becoming a major fan of her style! She just seems to stand apart from all the other ladys on here, and she looks amazing in Indian clothes. What great taste, that saree with that jewlery – I’m jealous!! Oh, and as for Queenie, lets just say everything I’ve just said about Haseena, the opposite is true of Queenie!

  7. FARAH at | | Reply

    There is NO WAY tht queenie must not be goin tru this site and reading the comments and opinions about herself..and Stillll???
    or Can her friends please tell her. She can work so well with what she has if she wants to!!

  8. sabrina at | | Reply

    Queenie Dhodi has a questionable sense of humor.

  9. Faiza at | | Reply

    WOw so elegant…short hair makes her look so sophisticated. i love it…No i;m not talking about Queenie.

  10. shyba at | | Reply

    Haseena looks elegant,classy….what u have posted here frm the reception….she is the best…as usual

  11. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    ohhh……hate to say…Queenie wins this round for me….haseena looks too boring!

  12. ltblmr at | | Reply

    Haseena. Queenie, thanks forteaching us yet again that class has nothing to do with how much money one has.

  13. PS at | | Reply

    Just 2 words for Haseena : Beautiful and sophesticated.
    Queenie, why does every look of urs have to shout : Look at me! I’m right here!! Too much effort isn’t worth it all the time u know.

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