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  1. suchi at | | Reply

    oh god I wish I had her money!

  2. malini at | | Reply

    uff tina tina.. she does look really old and washed out here..
    MONEY can’t buy style..

  3. karishma g at | | Reply

    what a frumpy outfit.

  4. Nisha at | | Reply

    I really like her necklace, though.

  5. Madhu at | | Reply

    She is suffering from her own style statement. If you see her earlier films, she heavily favored colors like this. Problem is, now this color does nothing for her when in her hay days, it made her appear different and glamorous. She needs to rediscover herself all over again. If she wore bright colors and a big smile and attitude, she’s look lovely. Who says being super slender is the ticket to looking marvellous….you can define gorgeous your own way, and with that much money, I think it’s all that much easier.

  6. Zara at | | Reply

    She looks like she’s attended a funeral. sad really.

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    very washed out and frumpy indeed

  8. dipti at | | Reply

    I dont think the colour is too bad, it might not be the best colour for a photo op, but its really understated, classy and elegant for me. a badly taken pic also cannot show finesse of the ensemble. i really like the work on her dupatta from what little i can see
    I dont now where this might have been, but looking at the backdrop and the pyjama kurta clad person next to her, she looks aptly dressed.

  9. sdn at | | Reply

    Did anyone notice how different her nose looks?

  10. Violet at | | Reply

    Oh no. Absolutely. Totally washed out.

  11. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    yeah i noticed her nose too. it looks kinda odd, though can’t remember if that’s how it used to be when she was still acting.

    anyway, getting to the outfit, i think the photo is not that great. buttt, that’s not saying she’s a great dresser. i agree with someone else who wrote that she still seems to be stuck in her old days, though at least she’s not as bad as poonam dhillon.

  12. MM at | | Reply

    she and jaya bachchan shud take cues from neetu singh and slim up..

  13. Surbhi at | | Reply

    well. i agree with the fact that this color may not look that great in a pic.. i kinda like the thingie she is wearing around her neck..

  14. bosky at | | Reply

    Chill guys. One knows this is a fashion website but everybody dosent have to be a beauty queen or fashion diva. Tina is a woman with a golden heart and its remarkable that she is putting her millions to help humanity rather than spending it entirely to spruce herself up and look twenty again (other society ladies can take a cue here) so frivolous fashion commentators can be pleased.

  15. anoo at | | Reply

    oh plz learn smthin from Neeta Ambani…..atleast Neeta manages to turn up like an Ambani….

  16. Adit at | | Reply

    I went for the first Harmony launch and what she wore there took my breath away….having said that she could have had a bit more colour, but I think both she and Neeta have decided to go low key….the fued must be eating into the domestic peace of the family….Yes she has a golden heart…but you can still dress with more colour….nothing against looking good and doing charity….we all need not look like Medha Pathkar….

  17. zaini at | | Reply

    did she get a nosejob or something cuz somehow it looks different from her younger dayz…..or is it just the weight gain

  18. Impedimenta at | | Reply

    @Adit: Medha Patkar does look very nice, actually.

  19. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    too, she certainly is a former beauty queen! so there.

  20. sim at | | Reply

    Guys it was not posted here but if you had seen what she wore to the Drona premiere you would have all said much improved, all that money and end up looking like this no excuse “how could she”

  21. MP at | | Reply

    Looking at the others around her – she might be dressed appropriately for the event…

  22. arbitary at | | Reply

    I am ready to swap my impeccable fashion sense with her in return for some of the Ambani millions .. :)

  23. the mad momma at | | Reply

    @ suchi – oh honey – i think we’re better off having taste ;) what would we do with all the money if we had no taste. this way atleast we can pick up cheap but stylish stuff at sarojini :D

  24. Adit at | | Reply

    the Medha Pathkar comment was about dressing down to be taken seriously…

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