Doing Casual


For once, a casual denim look by Gul that we like. Wait. Make that love. Now why don’t see her like this more often!

Update: Gul’s bag is a Tod’s.


Left: Gul Panag at a Jewellery Collection Launch
Right: Tod’s Natty Sacca Media Bag


Gul Panag at a Jewellery Collection Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. wow! Gul looks impressive. i like the whole look (chic top, jeans, and kolhapuris) but the jeans is a little weird around the ankles. also, that white top seems to have magical powers – it makes even the well endowed Gul look relatively flat chested at least in the 1st and 2nd pic!!!!

  2. is that the kolhapuri chappal or something? mum got the same one for me last time she went to India…but man, they’re so uncomfortable!

    • belle, apparently you are supposed to break them in, and then they become really comfortable. I have juttis that are also really uncomfortable, and i’m told the same thing about them.

    • As PeachBellini mentioned, you have to break into them. One trick I use with juttis is to take oil and apply it to the places that pinch your foot. The oil makes the leather much softer. You can try it with the kolhapuris too.

  3. Love the kolhapuri chappals. They do make the feet look attractive. Wish we could see some more pics. Where does one get good kolhapuri chappals?


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