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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Hey I like Isha’s neat look. The birkin are too small for her frame esp the way she is displaying it. But i am totally liking. Its neat and pleasant. The belt works wonders on that look.

    Gul looks bad. Not a fan of those wellies either !

  2. Faiza at | | Reply


  3. Mayuri at | | Reply

    Is Isha finally getting it right? Looks like she is *minus that ghastly Birkin!*

  4. Vani at | | Reply

    I really like those wellies. Only for a rainy day though. Or do folks wear them even otherwise?

  5. RB at | | Reply

    Dont like Isha and the toy Birkin… But nothing beats the Burberry checked wellies!
    Its a movie promotion as it seems, so no mucking about a farm or talking a walk in the woods!
    Oh well yes, it might be raining, and given its India, the 1 minute walk from the car to the venue would’ve been wet and mucky!
    And they look very chav..

  6. Usha at | | Reply

    That mini birkin cracks me up.
    Isha’s look is way too plain for a movie promotion…..it’s not even ‘ in character’

  7. Niyati Gandhi at | | Reply

    The necklace Gul is wearing doesn’t match the outfit at all.
    But it’s one of my favourite designs from the Swarvoski collection…

  8. Amber at | | Reply

    Ok someone needs to help these pretty ladies get some style ‘cos they definitely arent born with it… They need help now! I can’t believe that even the birkin is looking bad!

  9. simrit d at | | Reply

    i think gul is carrying out the look well.guess everyone likes only typical typecast clichéd looks and there is no place for being quirky or individualistic

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