1. I actually don’t like any of it beyond the pumps. Those are the sole saving grace of this otherwise hot mess that she looks be it the hair the top or the skirt.

  2. bautiful face, beautiful body..simply lurve the detail on the skirt but..the messy hair and frumpy black blouse screams “old maid”..sigh…

  3. That skirt is pretty nice .. but she’s completely messed it up with that shirt…
    If she had to wear a shirt she could have gone for a white shirt .. and not in that material.. would have looked nice!!

    There are multiple ways to rock that skirt .. but the hair ad black shirt aren’t working at all .. IMO, this deserves to be a WTHEYY rather than what Neha Dhupia wore in the other post!!

    • I love the skirt! I think it’s gorgeous.. A lighter color shirt in a non satiny material would’ve rocked this look. I love the detailing on the skirt!

  4. No P&P..everything is wrong with this except for the pumps….who wears Navy blue with black?!! and that skirt doesnt look good…it wouldnt flatter anyone’s body, just a bad design….sorry hate it..

  5. I really like this skirt. If worn well, it could look smashing.

    PnP, could u tell me wer does Urvashi Kaur retail in Delhi/ Bombay?



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