On The Ramp: Ranna Gill


While model/actress Giselli went short, Delhi socialite Tanisha Mohan went long at Ranna Gill’s showing at WLIFW. Although I do believe that the clothes should be front and center at the showing, I am a lil’ disappointed by the make-up/styling of the ladies, especially Giselli’s.


Giselli Monteiro for Ranna Gill at WLIFW


Tanisha Mohan for Ranna Gill at WLIFW

Photo Credit: Daylife, Indiatimes


  1. I love her .. I love her… (I mean Gisselle !!) I saw her in Love aaj kaal with Saif and my first reaction was … Such a pretty Indian beauty we do not see such a traditional Indian faces any more and then my sis told me that she is not even Indian… Wow ! I hope she learns some hindi and signs up some more hindi movies.

  2. The long dress has been ‘ Heavily inspired” from the Pucci short dress. Both dresses and girls look good.Gisseli is truly awesome-such a young, fresh looking face :)

    • Exactly my point…Agreed that Indians usually have beautiful hair…but on some people hair pulled up looks better than letting it down…Showing off beautiful necklines shouldn’t be a problem ;)
      That said..LOVE Giselle’s dress.

  3. I absolutely love the dress Giselli is wearing! it’s so beautifully made, looks stunning. Definitely something i would buy. Only one complaint i have – don’t like what appears to be the zipper showing under Giselli’s left arm. Kinda spoils the look.

  4. i adore the dress on Giselli
    and what a gorgeous girl
    she has this untouched type of beauty…she looked so amazing in love aaj kal with what looked like zero makeup


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