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    Giselle is luking cute…but i can’t see any piece of jewellery on Celina and Urvashi…where is d jewellery-no earrings, no neckpiece, no bangles?? Tanisha is luking fine but God save us from Shriys’s look!! she is looking so weird…that lehenga-choli is a disaster and y d hell is she wearing such a tacky number in jewellery show?? can’t concentrate on the pieces she is wearing.!!

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    my eyes stuck on shriya, and for all the wrong reasons, who stole her saree? or her pallu, poor girl , and thats why she has this sad face

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    Giselli looks nice, but the jewery is so miss-matched!

    Celina’s outfit doesnt match very well according to me, and her skirt reminded me of the carousel thing that Manish Arora showed once, and was worn by Katy Perry.

    Urvashi looks pretty in that mess of a ghagra, although besides the earrings, I cant see any jewelry!

    Tanisha’s gown is kinda tacky especially with that puff thing on her hips..

    Something is amiss with Shriya, either the outfit is a little tight or she is conscious abouyt her stomach, although it does not look bad at all.

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