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  1. sarah at | | Reply

    Vidya just goes after a certain style and does not leave it till she trashes it completely. Earlier it was the jeans and top combo and now she is hell bent on wearing anarkalis all the time.
    Would be good to see her try out different things.

  2. ahugefanofwebsite at | | Reply

    Vidya does not have the right height to pull it off. But she looks much better than her western fiasco.

  3. suchi at | | Reply

    this actually suits her so there is no way she is leaving this trend any time soon:)

  4. Flower Power at | | Reply

    good for her, if she’s found something that suits her and she feels comfortable in. and an indian woman can never go wrong in a sabya!

  5. JJC at | | Reply

    this is def a sabyasachi touch..Rani M had her fascination wiht it earlier
    although Vidyas a horrible dresser, she looks quite nice in this outfit

  6. kinny at | | Reply

    love this collection…

  7. FOB at | | Reply

    So when she was doing the jeans-turned-into-capris or the long-black-shirt-with-belt look everyone kept saying “She should just STICK TO Indian wear.”
    Now that she’s sticking to it, she’s doing-it-all-the-time-until-she-TRASHES-it. What would make you happy? Vidya getting back in black shirts and matronly dresses again?

  8. suri at | | Reply

    This is really bad but I thought the outfit was just so so when I saw it the first time around, nothing spectacular but now that i have found out it’s by Sabya I love it! Mind you the models are working it compared to Vidya.

  9. Osho at | | Reply

    She could have tried wearing the skirt.

  10. FacesBySarah at | | Reply

    Ive always loved Vidhya. She may not be stick thin as the rest bt i love her body shape. Its not too thin and not too big either. Very “realistic”
    But hoooooooold up! Anarkali DOES not flatter women of that size.. its meant for tall lanky girls. The rest of them(me included) would look like a spinning top =/

  11. Protyasha at | | Reply

    It looked SOO much better on the runway. Just makes her look plumper.

  12. Sharin at | | Reply

    Yea technically Anarkali’s do not suit shorter girls. I must say I still love the look on her. People hate on her for no reason…ya she might not be a glamour puss but at least she can act and she has a BEAUTIFUL face. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Adit at | | Reply

    okay enough of the Anarkali and same look. time to change and move on….really now

  14. k=kirthi at | | Reply

    she looks beautiful in this picture!! she has her accessories right too.. yayy!

  15. forhhc at | | Reply

    there are so many beautiful sabyasachi designs … oh why oh why did she choose this one …

  16. J at | | Reply

    Sabya is such a genius. I love how he combines such busy prints together.

    His dresses look beautiful on classic Indian features and that is the reason I think Rani and Vidya stick to it. I wish Vidya had gotten the Kurta custom tailored with less “gher” on it. Although I think the kurta fits Vidya better than the model.

  17. Kanan at | | Reply

    Nice dress.

  18. pdaervo at | | Reply

    HA I knew it looked familiar
    the model looks better (no suprise there) but Vidya looks good too

  19. reeha.co.uk at | | Reply

    Vidhya balan looking a very simple and attractive in salwar kameez

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