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  1. kinny at | | Reply

    i think she’s very simple and pretty…

    and the bag’s hot too. ;)

  2. Bsimple at | | Reply

    hmm..i wonder if the bag she has and the one in the pic are the same color? i ask this coz methinks that her metallish copper top’s color is reflected from the bag? if it is the same bag, then i have to say that’s a very odd choice of colors to show off that bag…a simpler black top wud have been so much better…or if she really a wanted to go with color..orange wud have been a funky choice…

  3. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i dont get this bag.. to me its not that great.. she is pretty

  4. Karishma at | | Reply

    That definitely is a mismatch with that sequined top.

  5. jeanie at | | Reply

    i give her major props for carrying a gerard darel bag… this bag is so understated and chic, just like the french! i have a patent version and it’s great. the python is very tempting. thanks for posting.

  6. Diordiva at | | Reply

    Riddhima lookz like the younger version of Cher! shld say indian version maybe…watz happen’d to her with dat elongated, tired face n all..was much prettier earlier n as far dat bag itz hot!…

  7. jia at | | Reply

    2700$ worthy?

  8. Flower Power at | | Reply

    P&P, what’s your take on mixing metallics? I mean, that gold top and a silver bag? Really?

  9. FARAH at | | Reply

    the top is very ‘jhango’…pls.. dont really care much for the bag. would much rather buy a classy chanel

  10. Flower Power at | | Reply

    she looks like any pretty punjabi chick! but hats off to her for not succumbing to trend pressure and squeezing herself into a pair of skinnies…

  11. deewani at | | Reply

    the bags only looks good when photographed to “buy”.. it looks bad in person

  12. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Shez preeeety and I love the bag! Reminds me of the Miu Miu leather platform shoes…with silver and bronze metals..

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I love this bag, and the fact that she ditched the conventional Louis Vitton :) :)…
    also, I was under the impression that matchng metallics went out right along with matching colors :/ although there are too many metalics for me
    she looks like her mother :)

  14. desibuff at | | Reply

    If the bag were silver, then she could have showcased it and herself better had she worn a black/ dark top, maybe even a chunky silver necklace, kept the jeans, and silver peep-toe shoes…or, she could have ditched the necklace and gone with a sterling solid cuff bracelet…methinks she is too chamak-dhamak

  15. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    not sure about this bag in particular, but i will have to disagree with deewani. i think that many bags actually look better when seen in person than online.

  16. manisha at | | Reply

    she’s gorgeous… interesting how much she resembles kareena..but i think she is actually prettier! not crazy about the bag, but i do love her top

  17. Adit at | | Reply

    Manisha ditto,my first thought exactly on how much she looks like Kareena, strong Kapoor traits. I think too much bling.

  18. jeanie at | | Reply

    Jia- just saw your comment. While I love Gerard Darel, I wouldn’t shell out $2700 for this. Gosh, can python really up the price that much? Gerard Darel is pretty affordable otherwise, especially during their sales. I’ve seen their bags go for 400-500 bucks at the Canada boutique during markdown time– future reference, everyone! The SA’s are pretty nice about doing charge-sends too.

  19. Carol at | | Reply

    This bag is beyond tacky and ugly even if it is expensive. The French sure know how to rip off gullible folks.

    metallic python? LMAO There is no such creature.

    No classy French women would be caught dead with this bag. Only folks who like bling – shiny and expensive. I guess the fashion arbitrators on this site fall into that category. lol

  20. xx at | | Reply

    the bag AND the top! TOO MUCH bling bling! i would do one or the other. and yea i really don’t like the bag..as someone said earlier looks too tacky!

  21. Violet at | | Reply

    Tha bag on her looks tacky but am liking the bag in the picture on the bottom.

  22. jeanie at | | Reply

    fashion arbitrators on this site? honestly, it really depends on your look and how you pull stuff off. that’s the great thing about true fashion in my opinion, you don’t have to adhere to “norms” as long as you can make it work individually… whoever said you can’t mix black and navy probably hasn’t seen the way it works for certain people. same goes for black with brown.

    i like a little bling just as long as the rest of the outfit is simple. sometimes, i like a lot of bling (although i’d agree that this actress’ ensemble is horrid with the gold top and gold bag, hate it)… on the other hand, the one thing i really dislike is monogrammed logos, so it’s refreshing to see a bollywood starlet (i’m assuming she’s an actress?) in something other than the typical monogrammed LV/Gucci/etc…

    however, even though i may personally dislike monogram, i’d have to say that i know tons of people who play it off beautifully with their individual style and can make it work… i just don’t happen to be one of them… my point is, i think dubbing people as “fashion arbitrators” when you probably have never seen them in real life OR virtual life is an erroneous statement :)

    long-winded spiel over :)

  23. prisha at | | Reply

    Too much Bliiinnng!!

  24. KK at | | Reply

    She’s way prettier than Kareena .. Riddhima is BEAUTIFUL!

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