1. love the look but bad photography. A picture is not worth when one cant see the full expression of the person on the cover.

    • She looks like a white chic actually. But agreed that its bad photography nevertheless. One half of her face is not clear and i dont think it was intentionally like that.

    • I agree. Really bad photography. Shadows can be fun to work with and create very creative shots but this is too of a botched. And ick makeup. One can actually see makeup on the thighs.

  2. almost didn’t recognise her! (is that good?)
    she looks fine..not doing much for the outfit though
    Absolute love for the hair and the shorts though

  3. This cover reminds me alot like Priyanka Chopra’s Grazia covers. White background, shadow, & all. I love the top though.

  4. Also Preity’s, Shilpa’s, Kangana’s Grazia covers as well. Grazia covers in general. Thought I’d share something when Im this bored. lol

    • Deepika Padukone!!! not remotely close to her. Yeah, agree it would have been much better to see the full expression + full length.

  5. i hate her hair.it cud’ve been a lot messier n’ edgy acc 2 t dress.i hate those bangs.t belt cud’ve been studded.
    i just hate dat hairstyle.brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. how cool does the top look on model on left!!!
    and what an alien does genelia look like!!!
    Bad posing, bad styling.. !!! not good at all!!

  7. OMG this particular top i know is amazing and dat’s y i see it in every mag since March2010. And now it is on the cover may b all fashion ed’s r in love wd this top in this colour.


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