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  1. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    I can’t even say anything negative about this outfit even though i would never choose it myself, simply because Genelia’s smile and confidence is so captivating. She looks like she is having fun in that outfit!

  2. RM at | | Reply

    Oh please ! :) she looks GOOD!!
    I just love the styling…. Such a change from tank/palazzos!!

  3. Neha at | | Reply

    Well she certainly needs a better under eye concealor ……

  4. Adara at | | Reply

    Lovely she looks. And that smile makes everything work.

  5. Anon at | | Reply

    I can’t get past how tired she’s been looking at all her appearances post marriage. This cudve been a really good look but the girl needs to sleep.
    It’s not working for me with her looking so tired.
    Is she preggars?

  6. vishakha at | | Reply

    this is a fake masaba!

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