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  1. Suomi at | | Reply

    OMG!! What’s with those Extensions??? No offense ms Anusha but those wild extensions and those feathered lockets make you borderline wild animal!

  2. Enaya at | | Reply

    Well, as much as HHC would like to think Anusha looks like a “hotch-potch” I’d like to think otherwise. We already know Anusha’s personality is so that she can wear whatever she wants, she has no restrictions and will most probably wear anything as long she’s comfortable in it. Now, how this differs from other celebrities is that other celebrities don’t have a distinct personality is which you can let “eh” outfits go, and that’s why you guys call them out on this website. In this picture, I wouldn’t straight out say that she looks like a mess but I’d let it go because Anusha just has her own style like Priya Kishore.

    1. leonine lion at | | Reply

      i agree… this is her personality! she’s edgy

    2. Farrah at | | Reply

      absolutely … i totally dig anusha’s look … super edgy and cool … genelia is looking SO MEH !

  3. bhelpuri at | | Reply

    this dandekar chick tries so hard to look hip but ends up a hot mess!

  4. Zina at | | Reply

    Honestly, except for the hair, I cannot figure out why you called Anusha’s look a “hotch-potch”. I like everything about her look. Her tights look great with the boots and she definitely looks more real, more individual and more spontaneous than Genelia with her horrendous shoes and the boring top+blazer color combo.

  5. Roxanne at | | Reply

    I love everything about Anusha’s outfit..
    From the tights to the boots to the cute cardigan.
    Okay maybe her hair color makes it seem a bit too much.. But it’s just soo her, and I love it..

    P.S – I have longer and sometimes wilder hair than her, and they’re not extensions. Only difference is, my color is naturally black!

  6. Farrah at | | Reply

    Ok. WHAT is wrong with Anusha’s hair color? Seriously? So everybody’s suppose to stick to their natural hair color, and only deviate to a shade lighter or darker, or that silly mehndi red that everybody seems to have? I find NOTHING wrong with her hair .. i’m not into ombres that have a harsh line, but then that’s my preference. Everyone in the world is getting their hair colored … blondes going brunette and brunettes going blonde and both of them going rainbow as well. So just because this is an indian fashion board, we must stick to brunette or red, and everything else is “ghetto” (a word i often see associated with several shades lighter hair) … PLEASE. i feel as if i’m on some african page dissing rihanna for taking white injections.

    p.s. i don’t color my hair in case some people think i am becoming defensive over my (NOT) blonde locks

  7. clueless at | | Reply

    Anusha’s shoes are from Anthropologie.

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