1. sophie is lookin amazingly beautiful! this girl has def come a long way from those item-girl image!
    Dia looks good too.. but the bodice of the gown is too fitted.. wish it was a long flowing fairy-like dress :)

  2. I like Sophie so much here .. this is her second appearance in a row that i really like .. She is looking so beautiful … Wow!!!
    genelia comes second . i like the flow of her gown!!
    Other too are not that great!!
    Amrita repeats her ‘matronly’ look.
    Dia is OK .. she can look much better!!

  3. Dia’s looks like it could be by Reem Acra. Olivia Wilde wore a similar Reem Acra gown before, but much more exquisite than Dia’s.

  4. Looks like you are out to commend whatever Sophie wears. This is not even a clear picture of her dress or the way she wore it. Dia looks baby doll – nothing great. She needs to wear age appropriate clothes and stop wearing this fit. Genelia looks cute in her pink. I never thought I would say this but Amrita looks fine too. Just that her shade of pink does not agree with me.

  5. age appropriteE???? wt does it means.. i dont think she s too much aged to wear a dress like this.ive seen ash in more tigght clothes and she must be older than dia for sure…i dont think age matter as long as u got a good figure to carry it on..i think sophie looks lovelyy from all of the above and amrita’s face looks ok bt i dont see anythin wow abt tat dress.. dia looks gorgeous too bt i think she hv put on some weight.. no comments on genelia im nt even lil bit attracted to her tat look

  6. genelia and sophie look great..diya looks beautiful but dress is a monstrosity..am sure any other actress will end up looking like a clown in this barbie doll dress but diya has managed to look good in it..inspite of a bad dress amrita too looks good

  7. genelia and amrita in my mind!
    But Amrita looks more beautiful at the fashion show.. do you have some pics of that event?

  8. Genelia followed by Sophie for me

    Amrita looks pretty but the dress isn’t that exciting
    i dont like the silhouette or the embellished straps of dia’s dress at all so she is the worst of the lot for me

  9. Amrita’s face and hair looks really good, not a fan of the gown, tho will say she is improving…
    Dia looks ok, I don’t like her gown.
    Genelia’s gown is cute, she looks good too.
    Now for Sophie, LOVE her gown! The wonderful shade of pink with the glitter looks really good, she makes it work:)
    I just love pink LOL

  10. Sophia rocked IIFA 2009. She wore a swirly print short dress for one of the events with a black leather clutch and she looked awesome. And there was one short metallic number too in one of the IIFA weekends. Please put those photos up if you can.

  11. oh but they look radiant! pretty colours, healthy, fit bods, nice accesories, good make up and bright smiles!! im happy :)

  12. dont like genelia and amrita’s gown not international looking at all especially this satin gown somehow looks tacky on amrita its not even ironed well…

  13. dia n sophia look like divas.genelia’s only face is lovely here ..amrita looks pale but unlike genelia she’s havin a good year with her films wish she opted to wear something more of a statement in this platform .


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