A White Out!


Spotted Geeta Basra in an all white outfit down to the shoes! Too much, don’t you think? Wish there some other color to break the flow…

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geeta_basra_gili_awards_night.JPG geeta_basra_gili_awards_night_close.JPG


  1. yes, definitely not digging the all white ensemble. The dress aint’ too bad only if she would add some spunk into it. Couldn’t help but notice the cakey make up and the darker lipliner is just …yuck!!!

  2. P&P, it would be nice if the fwd/back buttons for the slide show were a little bigger. It would make for easier navigation. Please look at any of the omg photo galleries to see what I’m talking about.

  3. actually if u see closely its a white shirt which she has tucked into a white skirt with an attatched belt…not bad…looks hot!


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