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  1. Viz at | | Reply

    I really like gayatri’s individual style.. So easy breezy! And yes effortless.. Sometimes the simplest looks are hardest to pull without looking like you r trying too hard.
    Really appreciate people who have individualistic style and stick to it rather than running after every new trend..

  2. KT at | | Reply

    I looove that clutch, could you guys id it for me please!!!

  3. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Effortless… how well she does it!! love her look at the launch!!

  4. Carol at | | Reply

    wow..she looks chic and elegant. Can you plz get better pic of Vikas Oberoi..he is also so handsome.. indeed she is lucky

  5. Tee at | | Reply

    Honestly, I really don’t see anything remarkable about her look.

  6. Teespeak at | | Reply

    Simple, Stylish, Superb!:*

  7. vee at | | Reply

    OMG is she one of those women who use only lower lid eyeliner? Even if not, she needs to emphasize the upper lid more. Mascara, anyone?
    Her brown top makes her skin looks ghostly, or maybe she needs blush. The top needs a bit more detailing, it simply blends into the background! looks like the contrast and brightness are turned down on that part of the picture and up on the rest of her. Ok, I´m splitting hairs.
    I hate v-shape tops. They easily make anyone look fat and masculine. The hemline across her hips worsens the whole ordeal.
    Big round watches are not chic in my book.

  8. rosa at | | Reply

    cool gal !!! there’s nothing to dislike in both the looks but a bit of pepping up is needed maybe a bit touch of colour somewhere?ah! those legs are to die for !

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