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    Gayatri looks so beautiful, so elegant! Very very well put together, love her shoes!!!

    Madhoo!!!!?!! This is not a WTHeyy but a WTF?!!!

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    OMG the best, the shirt, the shoes….i cannot decide which one is the worst!

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    Madhoo should ve worn that top with a black pencil skirt and Chanel CC chain bag n black pumps this is such an eyesore
    Hz elegant does Gayatri look! Sure she wins this round

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    YAWN! Ms Joshi mostly picks each piece from a designer and wears it. And her hair needs some good wash. Oh holy mother of God @ Madhoo. She has taken tacky to a new level. She and that Ms Manchu lady could be sisters in this tacky business. Even the neck design and the color on her is reminiscent of what Ms Manchu wore in that SIIMA event.

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      LOL agreed with the lakshmi manchu comment.

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    Madhoo is definitely WTHeyyy and Gayatri’s outfit is yawn-worthy but better than Madhoo’s. Both of them disappoint here.

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    Gayatri is so elegant always…love her.

    Madhoo – thanks for the laughs!!

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    That top looks like it could eat her outfit up. And, I think it should.

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    Poor Madhoo! She is such a bubbly, happy, nice person! Unfortunately, she sucks at dressing herself. If this is the work of a stylist (a refuse to believe that!), ask his fee back!

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    Love Gayatri’s elegance though it’s hardly fashion
    But every time I see her I wish she came back after Swades

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    poor madhoo. she must have frenemies who allow this sort of thing to carry on unchecked.

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    Oh dear!!! Its like a how to and how not to. Gayathri looks nice but nothing to speak about and Madhoo….WTHey!!!

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    The way joshi madam is carrying the clucth….not ikey

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    I agree about how elegant Gayathri is. They is an air of classy elegance about her & she’s clearly not dressing to make a fashion statement.
    Thanks, P&P for putting Madhoo’s pic in the comments page.

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    Madhoo is dressed like she’s in a 90s movie with Ajay Devgun.

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    You guys really know how to build a sense of perspective. ;) C’mon, P & P, pull out your WTHeyyy banner!

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