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  1. Flower Power at | | Reply

    utterly delish! though i prefer the yellow…

  2. Surbhi at | | Reply

    wowo.. i really love jute work type of bags.. but it also depends on how it is to touch.. this bag looks cool..

  3. sonia at | | Reply

    the white bottega is perfect for summer. gayatri must have a closet filled with bottega veneta as she’s married to a billionaire!

  4. Nidhi at | | Reply

    Gayatri is so pretty!

  5. Adit at | | Reply

    just out of curiousity why have you guys not uploaded pics of Sonam Kapoor, Rohit Roy, Amir Khan and all from th premiere of the Imran Khans new movie, Rohit is looking like a scream, purple velvet jacket, PLEASE PUT IT UP

  6. DJ at | | Reply

    any body is having any idea gayatri is married to whom?
    Bag is just great.
    I recently came across this site and i must say u guys are jst Fantastic,,
    i would like to know more about you both…

  7. Nidhi_blore at | | Reply

    Hi…recently stumbled upon yout blog and totally in love with it! I am trying to browse through the archives but its gonna take me ages!!!! I needed some style advise….I have some plaid material in black and white…the print is small actually- not the huge checks you are imagining (it is actually a trouser length gifted to my hubby which for obvious reasons he would not wear!) I am planning to get a sirt stitched out of it and I need some ideas….I dress conservatively so no minis for me…soemthing below knee lenght is what I am looking for…Please help!

  8. Hinzi at | | Reply

    btw, whos she married to?

  9. chubz at | | Reply

    Who is she married too?

  10. chubz at | | Reply

    Oh, and the bag is just lovely, I too prefer the yellow one. ahhh I want!!!

  11. sunshine at | | Reply

    I cant believe she debuted with shahrukh khan in a hit movie and then ditched her career! Nice bag though…..

  12. mia at | | Reply

    it’s nice to see that there are some rich businessmen’s wives who dress nicely and subtely. i’m glad she picked bottega over something obvious like chanel or vuitton. i loved her performance in swades. shame she quit acting.

  13. bela at | | Reply

    u guys have such a wonderful eye, loved ur lust list too!! what r the trendiest things in ur wardrobe right now, wish ud share! *sigh*

  14. Meghna at | | Reply

    I guess the double-M-whammy of marriage and mommyhood have taken away her angular look! The bag is great though, I like the white one she has.

  15. Nidhi at | | Reply

    Gayatri is married to a mega rich real estate industrialist Vicky Oberoi (who happens to be a close pal of Akshay Kumar)

  16. J at | | Reply

    oooooh, the yellow one is simply delicious. And for a bottega this purse is not that expensive. I wish the yellow was available.

  17. salzie at | | Reply

    She is still sooo pretty! The bag is gorgeous. I wish she makes a comeback. She gave such an outstanding performance in Swades. i like her style- casual chic! So nice to see a celeb dress simply and still look damn good!

  18. Pitu at | | Reply

    Vikas/Vicky Oberoi is number 717 on the Forbes World Billionaire list.

  19. kashmira at | | Reply

    what an ugly top! like a shower curtain or something!

  20. FOB at | | Reply

    That’s SOME hair the woman’s lost! I found her really pretty in Swades, but here she looks like some random girl from my parents’ neighborhood who happened to get hold of a great bag…

  21. Violet at | | Reply

    gayatri is a Pretty lady and i LOVE the yellow one……shlurrrrp .. but am finding her TOO casually dressed. simple is great but i wish she had a LIL bit more make-up on her. atleast just the eyes.

  22. shona at | | Reply

    i agree with FOB and violet that she’s looking a bit drab as compared to how fabulous she looked in swades. pregnancy causes hair loss because the nutrients in the body go to the baby and sometimes don’t reach the hair.

  23. simran at | | Reply

    hey guys if you have access to a store named “calonge” , you could get yourself an almost identical leather bag for 8000 rupees… its obviously not as luxe as the bottega, but is beautiful nonetheless!

  24. stuti at | | Reply

    i have the same bag, bigger, in white and navy AND just for 300 bucks each. looks almost as classy. :P

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