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  1. Adi at | | Reply

    wow! gauri is looking great! i always loved her dressing sense.

  2. Zara at | | Reply

    i like her husband. :p

  3. Nosh at | | Reply

    I like the long sleeve version

  4. Adit at | | Reply

    both Gauri Pradhan and the ramp version look great….

  5. Flower Power at | | Reply

    which is the summer dress on deepika? like the one on gauri, except that i wish it was either sleeveless or long-sleeved, as on the model. hate these neither-here-nor-there sleeves.

  6. anisha at | | Reply

    yuukk…is hiten wearing gauri’s pants???
    BTW gauri looks awsome as alwayss

  7. karishma g at | | Reply

    this print is similar to the one on the marc jacobs dress that sonam was wearing a few posts down.

  8. jazz at | | Reply

    i like the beige n black one better.. black n white looks a little too tried n tested n safe!

  9. Tina at | | Reply

    i think it would’ve looked better if it was in smaller print…and i kind of like it in different colors… the black and white is soooo done and cliched

  10. shweta at | | Reply

    of course…Gauri’s dress is way better than deepika’s…and also her dressing sense;) Her hubby is a hottie…but not liking his style:)

  11. maham at | | Reply

    Gauri tejwani is angelic beauty ,gorgeous and totally mesmerizing wht ever she wears becomes fashion trend , her dress is looking pretty because the gorgeous lady gaurihiten tejwani is wearing it :)its simple yet very stunning

  12. Pooja at | | Reply

    I Love Gauri’s dress more and always love her dressing sense, she always carry everything beautifully. Love her and Hiten both. They both are the BEST.

  13. mehru at | | Reply

    i like gauri pradhan dress more back n white ……and both ght looking nice

  14. Sunara at | | Reply

    Awww..i luv the black n while one on Gauri…She is looking as stunning as always…just luv her awsome sense of dressing..she has always been the perfect n sort of like the best dressed lady on TV…n here also no difference…she is gorgeous in it..

    dnt like the yellow 1 or the person wearing it..(dunoo who she is though..lol)

  15. adeela at | | Reply

    gauri’s dressing sense is very unique she looks beautiful in indian and western outfits both.hiten and gauri compliment eachother.

  16. SExyDevil at | | Reply

    She looks great!

  17. Aisha at | | Reply

    Gauri is looking very cute and she always wears very nice clothes or may clothes always look nice on her. Either way she always looks beautiful in watever she wear

  18. pdaervo at | | Reply

    both are great!

  19. alisha at | | Reply

    love gauri’s look compared to her look in the serials…and everyone who complains abt and hates the ‘saas bahu’ serials are comin outta their closets…*me thinks*

  20. shweta at | | Reply

    The fact with Gauri is, she can make ALMOST anything look like a million bucks. Most of the time, she doesnt wear designer yet she is the easily the best-dressed at any event or party.

  21. jyotika at | | Reply

    i likes gauri’s version of the dress better as short sleeves make more sense for a summer dress and whatever gauri wears looks more appealing always as she carries it off with gr8 fineese and elegance . hiten looks good too….fabulous pair

  22. Moumita at | | Reply

    Gauri is looking super gorgeous..the other girl..i dunnoooo
    and Hitu as usually looking extremely hawtttttttttttttt…MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS THIS LOVELY COUPLE:)

  23. Amrita at | | Reply

    Gauri is jsut perfect in anythng she’s made to wear.from indian to western………Hiten must better consult a proper designer………

  24. sush at | | Reply

    how come everyone seems to have heard of her except me?!

  25. sonakshi at | | Reply

    hey i lyk gauri’s dress…..
    i lyk the couple tooo………

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