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  1. ko at | | Reply

    oh the jeans are so ugly.. not liking the pink shoes and nail color

  2. mia at | | Reply

    love the way she’s worn that scarf. if only her hair do was nicer and she’d worn better jeans, then her look would have been complete.

  3. koel at | | Reply

    Me likey the look !

  4. mj15 at | | Reply

    I have the cutest little book from hermes that details alll the many way syou can utilize hermes scarves!!

  5. claire at | | Reply

    it’s not as bad as i imagined but it would have looked so much better paired with darker denims.
    i really don’t understand the appeal of the hermes scarves thought, never liked the prints.

  6. lily at | | Reply

    Gauri has managed to make the hermes scarf tacky with those terrible shoes, makeup and teenybopper jeans. That is a waste of the beautiful scarf. Poor thing. She really needs a class at sephora on makeup application and a better stylist.

    1. a at | | Reply

      What makes this over priced scarf beautiful? I have seen prettier ones on the street for $5 , $10 dollars. Its amazing what these designers get away with.

  7. amber at | | Reply

    that old post from the archives was a fun read. how abt a few posts like that too once in a while?
    im a sucker for scarf tops, so naturally i love this one, er..inspite of seeing it on gauri.

  8. HHCPANKHA at | | Reply

    she luks diff n gud 4 sm reason…..
    i think its smthn with the eyes….maybe eyebrow shape… idk…
    bt i like…

  9. Mahzabin at | | Reply

    i just loved gauri in dis look. the color is looking really good on her. she is looking really pretty.

  10. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    I actually like the scarf as a top but…not with those jeans, that hair or that make up. And the knot doesnt really go with the top, its so pale compared to the bright pink that it gets washed out. She has fabulous shoulders though. Oooh, and I hate the pink toes peeping out of the pink sandals.

    That said I don’t really thnik its possible to judge Gauri fairly from just one unflattering picture with harsh lighting. (I have a feeling a lot of women on this blog would look better had the paparazzi photographers been more skilled)

  11. anita at | | Reply

    what’s SRK’s twitter username?

  12. rani at | | Reply

    she looks awesome

  13. Monkey at | | Reply

    At least she’s still better dressed than Priety Zinta at that party… She wore flip flops.

  14. a.anand at | | Reply

    eeeee.. the jeans. :(

  15. Kin at | | Reply

    Those are Louis Vuitton heels. Pretty old season but still one of my fav

  16. Kiwi at | | Reply

    looking great, though a little haggard

  17. Flaneur at | | Reply

    pink shoes and the fugly pair of jeans…oh god when will these hideous embellished/painted/torn/tattoed/n -lord -knows -what jeans would go out of circulation????
    liking the top though…n make up too…light n fresh…

  18. Flaneur at | | Reply

    strike out that redundant *would in the previous post pleaseee :)

  19. Lalitha at | | Reply

    She is looking fantastic. Love the colour on her. You go Mrs. Khan!

  20. shopaholicNY at | | Reply

    considering it was a party thrown at the last moment as per bwood folks on twitter, i wonder if anyone had hours to put together clothes, hair, makeup.
    clearly poor celebs can never chill out; how dare they not wear valentino, gucci, chanel gowns and Christian louboutin or Jimmy Choo shoes to every single party.
    God forbid that they could relax..
    geez but whats with all the negativity people; they went to a relaxed impromptu party at their friend’s house casually dressed..big deal…at least she wore that Hermes scarf…

    1. SS at | | Reply

      more importantly..she needs to NOT own those jeans…so that way they will not appear when she is scrambling for something to wear quickly to a last min party…. :D

    2. a at | | Reply

      I don’t think any of us need feel too sorry for Gauri Khan. The perks of her life more than make up for any “negativity” she gets from folks like us.

      1. mia at | | Reply

        i agree with ‘a’. it’s an occupational hazard for celebs to be scrutinized and dissected

    3. Saira at | | Reply

      Hmm. I dunno. I personally don’t want to see celebs in designer clothing. Thing is, she obviously had time to tie that scarf around herself and put on some jeans and heels. Therefore, all she had to do was put on a NICER pair of jeans and a NICER pair of heels. I am all up for starts dressing casually, but there’s a difference between casual and trampish.

      Anyway, I love the scarf, however, I would have worn it with a plain white tank. I would have just draped it around the neck and let it fall either side on the chest. Skinny jeans would have made the look perfect. Her makeup is off too, granted the pic is shot in an awful light.. She needs to tone down the lips.

  21. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    blah and mediocre

  22. ranjini at | | Reply

    gauri has class and more oomph than any of bollywood’s leading ladies. she rocks!

  23. ss at | | Reply

    very boring..

  24. Shweta at | | Reply

    wow loved the way she has worn her scarf!! She has the class and style of her own…she rocks!!

  25. Nishita at | | Reply

    I am amazed that a scarf can actually hold out as a top. I thought only flat on top women could get away with such a thing but Gauri is obviously able to manage it.

    Love her toned shoulders :)

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